Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Windy YSL

Had a lovely day on Saturday - was a tad blustery but when wandering, chatting and a bit of window shopping who notices (is the whole wandering, chatting, shopping thing a bit of a repeated thread for me??!)

Went with my lovely friend Jo, her man, my man and Frank and a good day had by all, particularly Frank who met a 6 month old daschund puppy called Ringo in Hyde Park and was chewed and licked to death for a good 10 minutes!  Frank thought this super entertainment!

He also met a gaggle of young ladies sitting on a pavement who rather bravely called him over and got a massive face lick for the pleasure - those of you who are not dog lovers are now feeling physically ill so apologies for that - as i said great day in all - great night out in the evening but more of that later.

Enjoy your day! xx

YSL Dress - about 3 years old, YSL necklace last season, Alaia sandals again,
Rick Owens Jacket about 3 years ago, Bottega Venetta Bag - sale bargain Net-a-porter, My new sunnies Celine from Matches x


  1. I like your YSL dress, maybe old, but stillo looking good!

    My Fashion Bug

  2. That the great thing with YSL they are forever - take it out one summer, put it away the next but you always want to go back! xx

  3. I can remember seeing that Rick Owens jacket on several celebrities (ie Rihanna in black) and thinking, Gosh I'd love that. There you have it, in brown. Love it! I can't even begin to talk about the other items, ie the bag...!! xx from Soleil


  4. I know it is butter soft and i love the colour it has been coming out every summer for the last 3 and is soo wearable - some buys are really really worth it - thanks for all your great comments xx


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