Sunday, 8 May 2011

Floral Friday

Well actually...... not very sun-shiney Saturday.  Or at least when i left the house.  Hence Mac needed -  ended up carrying it most of the day.  Welcome to Summer England! 

Had a great day with my lovely friend Alison - we have been friends a long time and it is always great to catch up.  Had a wander - lots of chat and shops - great to see you Allie xx

Chanel Bag as seen before, Lanvin Trench as before (previously worn as dress), old alaia sandals,
New Dolce Dress - this dress is surprisingly versatile - looks good with pumps and sandals and obviously is amazing dressed up for evening - fantastic fit and feels great on - a really good new purchase - even if it was months ago and waiting for summer! x


  1. I'm loving what's going on with the labels here. Am blowing kisses to the Chanel, love it!!
    xx from Soleil

  2. Hey it was serious label love Saturday!! xx

  3. Really love that dress. So nice to see florals again and ones that are not twee!! Great outfit!

  4. I know i couldnt agree more!! thank you !


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