Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Signature Style

I have a lot of admiration for people with strong signature styles – Emmanuelle Alt (all Balmain and skinny jeans), Garance Dore (Classic boy meets girl in stunning heels), even Giovanna Battaglia (one of my faves –so ott italiano).  All have strong looks that you can instantly identify as theirs.  I didn’t feel that I had that strong signature style – being more of an Anna Della Russo – kid in a candy store – love it all!

Garance Dore
Emannuelle Alt

Giovanna Battaglia

Since starting this blog I have realised I actually do have more of a signature style look than I thought.  It is teaching me to hone my style and go with what I feel good in rather than all the fashion playing I do which can lead to fashion mistakes – great if I wear them but not if I don’t!

I love a trench – I mean love them and have rather a few – if there is a sale and there is a trench in my size it is mine and I usually buy one every season as well, so over the years I have managed to collect quite a few!  

Celine Trench

 Golden Goose Trench

I also love a statement shoe – the higher the better – me and the super wedge are becoming firm friends this season – I have even asked my husband for a particularly spectacular pair for our wedding anniversary coming up!

 Dior Shoe, Club Monaco Trench

I love fitted shapes – and below or on the knee dresses – clothes that flatter are something I have learned to love a lot as I have got older.  I have quite a lot of shorter items bought over the years and by sheer bent of having them and that they are lovely pieces I will wear them but I wont be buying anymore and the day will come when I will move to the new length completely.  My only bug bear with this length is that it is predominantly a high heel length I feel but I am going to experiment and see if I can make a flat work (as I do walk a lot and my back does not appreciate it in high heels!)

What are your signature looks? xx

All images courtesy or Garance Dore and the Sartorialist 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I saw these amazing rings on Vogue UK website and i think they are amazing - only question - which finger (they are sized) and do i go more subtle (as I normally do) or a bit more bling??

Do you have any thoughts??xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Go To Summer Staple

I bought this maxi dress last summer and have worn it to death.  It is so easy – a great neutral which can be worn with flats or wedges.  I love the side pockets, the silk does not crease – I can drive 2 hours into London and still get out of the car looking fresh – normally tracky bottoms and a change of clothes are the way to go!

The great thing about a maxi for me is that at the beginning of summer my legs are less than tanned and although I have been pleased to see the resurgence of paler legs I don’t actually like my legs very much pale!

So unless I lived in a hot country, took a lot of foreign holidays, liked fake bake (yeeuch) or sunbeds (shudder) in the UK a maxi is a majorly good staple! xx

Last season balenciaga maxi, Celine wedges - major bargain - fashion does relief about 70% off, Chanel Handbag - colour gorgeous, YSL bracelet, Armlet - bought by my mum for xmas, Sunnies vintage porsche 

Tat and Frank

Frank being rather cheeky after his boring day! At this point i am sure you will all feel sorry for Tat, however those of us that know him know there will soon be a pic of Frank being chased by a totally fedup Tat as this is a daily occurrence – like I said pure bottled evil! And no Fear! xx

Day out in London??!?!

This time the photographer did not forget the camera – the memory card instead!  So my outfit pics were taken when we got home on the drive!  Frankie after a long boring day with lots of driving – was not co-operating but Tat was more than willing!!

Had a great day picking up the rest of my birthday pressie from Dolce and Gabanna – looking good – post will follow soon I am sure!

Yummy early dinner at the Saatchi Gallery Mess in the sun – and a great day all in all – how wonderful is the weather – best bank holiday! xx


Matthew is a very special little chap – this post is especially for my old friend Anle and my mum – both of whom will remember Matthew in his infancy in Africa.

Tatty was destined for the pot – and I couldn’t have that so I rescued him and his mum, who sadly did not survive.  My husband just kept repeating he is going to the welfare, we are going back to England and he can’t come! 15 years on and he is firmly here after a rather large quarantine bill (my man’s motivation I am sure for him not coming).

If they could bottle Matt there would be no wars – not because of his gentle passive nature but that he would annihilate the enemy in one blast – if they could bottle him he would be the new nuclear deterent!  Heaven and hell in one – we could not love him more!  xx

Friday, 22 April 2011

Inspired by Nature

These flowers come out every year - i havent a clue what they are - but they are so verrry pretty! x

How wonderful is the weather - Go England - very, very rare!

Balenciaga Dress from a couple of seasons ago - gorgeous colour, Giuseppe Zanotti heels again about 2 years ago, various jewellery all old - necklace Missoni 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shopping in my wardrobe!

I don’t know where I first heard this phrase but at a guess it is one of the many vogue-isms I have committed to memory!  Flat equals fat being another !!  My back thanks you for that one Vogue!
I wore this outfit to meet my lovely friend, Lou, a couple of weeks ago and the chief photographer (my man!) forgot the camera!  Had a terrific day, lots of shops, girlie chat and bubbles at sunset with my man, Frank and Lou.

I have the day off today and between frying myself (summer has come to England) – (I know major guilt but I love the sun!) I thought it worth self portraiture  to show this outfit and whilst doing it I started to ring a few changes!

The boots in this series of shots are at least 10 years old from Robert Clergerie but have been well looked after by londons best cobbler, Classic Shoe Repairs.  The jacket is Chloe and again old – about 5 years – I had it tailored as I have lost a bit of weight in the last couple of years (Atelier Colpani – the best tailor going – absolute geniuses!)

The boots reminded me of the marant ones of the last couple of seasons and the coat has been re-issued, slightly different cut and colour but to be honest I still love mine. 

I then tried the same upper with  a pair of flared jeans and an old pair of marni platorms – which also worked.  At this point I decided they were too good to be hidden so took some more with the skinnies again with the platforms.

There is not a single new piece here – even the bracelets are a decade old and the top is also 3 years old

I love wearing these pieces again, which is your favourite? x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Photographer (professional one not my man!)

Rob Sanderson and i have worked together on a lot of projects for work and he is a really good photographer and one of the easiest people to work with - which i think is an extremely important quality whatever your profession.  He has a new website

Some time back he photographed the house we were living in for 25 beautiful homes - i thought i would include some of the pics on this blog as they really were very good. x

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