Thursday, 29 March 2012

To tight or not to tight that is the question

Or some random fashion musing - might be more apt.  It is that time of year girls - the sun is out - but our legs are white and really is it that warm??  Now there is always the jean or the pant but if you are a skirt girl - at what stage of spring is the black opaque just too, well, black, winter, dark, brr - you with me??  Now you can go for the coloured tight - a look i love on others but never seems to quite make it to my legs - now being a child of the 70's - i love a tan so relatively speaking there is still a touch of colour to my legs (a touch being the operative word) so in the interests of spring i have gone for the bare leg - so girls here is our Thursday fashion musing - should i have done the tight and if so, which ones??  Mmmm....  have a good weekend - nearly here xx

The scarf adds that pop of colour because i do love beige and i feel the need for a bit of colour

Here he is the lovely boy

And this is what he thinks of random fashion musings ..

I love my new Amadeo Cameo Ring - kind of shown here!

High back pleat (in motion) - the idea - the front (high) split will not be quite so ... well split

Borsolino hat, Prada shoes, Herself scarf, Marc Jacobs bag, Chloe blouse, Very old Burberry Mac, Fashion and Frank skirt xx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My favourite, and i mean most favourite, coat

Now i promised you a fashion and frank shoot with the man and my new most favourite coat ensemble - what you got - cos life is like that - is a Claire shoot with half the ensemble - but hey it is a start - i wore this last Friday and met my lovely tailor/friend Jackie who (bless her) said i looked totally fab and loved the outfit and then laughed that i was wearing my mums shoes and i so was!

Now the other half of my fashion and frank fave masterpiece is a pair of shorts - yep - you heard it - so i am now a 45 year old in shorts and their mums shoes!  and that truly is fashion for you - Frankie sends fond hello's xx

Spot the lining

A lesson i have recently learnt - the bag is not quite right with the coat but very right with the trsrs, scarf etc - by adding a couple of accent colours you can make two colours that dont quite work on their own work - it is all in the entire outfit so just keep adding accents, mix mix mix - makes your pieces go further and might prove more interesting 

Trousers and Coat Fashion and Frank, bag LV, Shoes Prada, Blouse Equipment, 
Hat Borsolino, shawl Eric Bompard

Monday, 5 March 2012

OMG its been a while!

Even my mum has been bemoaning my lack of blogging - why - i am not sure but at least i have one fan!  I have had the most full on Jan/Feb with work, but it is calming down - at least for a week or two and we have produced some fabulous results so it was worth it.  When it is mad like that i have to manage my priorities and they are my man, my mates and my work so something had to suffer and it was my blog - i have been keeping up with all of your fab sites but not often had time to comment - so if you havent seen me for a while i was there - virtually!

I thought i would come back with what i wore on Saturday - as i have forgotten most of what has come before - it was a bit of self portraiture which is not my fave but i have an amazing Fashion and Frank outfit to share with you which mr has to capture this weekend - it is ammmmaaazing.  In the meantime i will share this little vignette which a lovely young girl told me she loved and that i reminded her of SJP in it - i told the man as i was extremely flattered - he felt it not a compliment - and therein i think lies the difference between man and woman - have a very fab week xxx

Who is peeping behind Mummy - sulky boy 

Saturday was a pretty fab day - meet my new handbag

What a gorgeous day - i think winter sun is my favourite kind

The skirt is one of my own - i think one of the hardest things to find is the perfect basic in a really really good cloth - so to that end i am designing a range of basics for myself in cashmeres and silks - this is my classic A-line front pleat in a Lora Piano Grey Cashmere - i wore it in the car for nearly 4 hours and all it needed was a light steam - that is a successful piece to my mind - that and that it fits and flatters

Cardi Balenciaga, Boots Celine, Bag LV, Belt Gucci, Blouse Equipment, Lanvin Scarf, Fashion and Frank Basic Skirt, Coat Moschino Cheap and Chic, Hat Borsolino

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