Monday, 3 June 2013

Bit of an Old Classic

It turns out Frankies mum is a bit of an old classic....Saturday afternoon, end a of a long shoppy Chelsea day sitting in the sun, glass of bubbly, me, Anna, Frankie and my man.  Two very naughty french bulldogs, nipping at passers by, barking non stop ... mmm ...  Well of course, somewhat predictably, as they leave they spot Frank and fly at him, snapping, growling, biting, now i know Frankie is of a good temperament but this is getting somewhat out of hand, one at the head and the other one distinctly aiming at the rear, Anna is aiming a couple of gentle kicks, Rich is trying to ward them off with a chair whilst holding onto Frankie but nothing is deterring this little pair.  And that is when it happened, it was Maggie arising from the dead, Barbara Walkies Woodhouse thrown in for good measure, up I stood and in the loudest, poshest, firmest (picture the 'lady is not for turning'), voice trilled " Stop that you naughty (big maggie emphasis on the naughty)dog" as i thrust my bottega tote between its yapping jaws and Frank's nether regions.  And you know what it did.  Just like that.

Now sartorially speaking of course I love a classic, i mean give me a classic trench, a good tote, a classic shoulder bag, silk scarf, cashmere shawl, stripey tee, silk blouse, lace dress.  Easy pieces that are classic and eternal, and, of course, the things about the classics are that they work, they are easy and one has to particularly love them when they come with a twist, be that styling or the garment itself.

Introducing my first Sadie Harris trench, Saville Row silk/linen cloth, horn buttons and buckle and a fairly classic design - no need for more when the fabric says it all.  Paired with a high waisted classic camel flare and a fitted waistcoat with again horn buttons.  Its easy, moves well, above all, flattering and they are pieces that incorporate easily into other outfits.  

And if you would like to see my current inspiration sources i am on pinterest and tumbler - pinning and tumbling?? like mad.


Sadie Harris, 3 piece trouser/trench suit, Ferragamo Sandals, Chanel Bag, Chloe Sunglasses

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