Friday, 28 October 2011

Denim for the weekend

This is such a go-to for me when i have no time, worn last winter, the comfy walk for miles in it boot with just that touch of height, the 'they fit me' jean and shirt - doing the double denim - and then this seasons changes - silk scarf - burgundy as opposed to grey hat and then i have a couple of shearling gilets i swap, added my trusty Celine bag that goes with all and it is just a no brainer - have a very good weekend -  its definitely time for the layers xx

Also ringing a change for this winter the statement ring over the glove xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Baby its cold outside!

Helllooo winter coat - its a newbie and i am rather in love - the huckaback is gorge and maybe not captured, i love it sleeve down, sleeve up and i have done it, finally broken the curse of the always purchased black coat.  Speaking of fashion meetings you are also viewing my new winter bag - and hello to that too - am rather in heaven with my new purchases, new season and all the layering - get your coats girls its cold outside xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

UUurgh that Pink!

I cannot tell you how much i chuckled to myself.  About a month ago, working weekend in London, i had day off on the Sunday and thought i might pop along the back roads to Zara, wandering along - well striding best i can in these shoes - i spy ahead of me a little girl about 6/7 i would guess, in a hideous velvet Laura Ashley-esque smack bang out of the 80's dress.  She is pulling it up, sticking it up over her head and generally rather unhappy with her Mother's sartorial choices.  I am musing to myself why it is you only ever see similarly attired children in Chelsea and quite how much you would have to pay a child from Croydon to put that on rather smugly to myself.  Anway, despite wedges, i am quicker and start to round them when the child, in the loudest voice ever, announces - UUUUURGH that Pink!!  I guess she didn't like my sartorial choices either and i haven't stopped smiling since! xx

Off for a couple of days but see you again on Friday xx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mount Street, My Fall Skirt and Frankies back!

I had the best weekend last weekend - i saw my friend Dan's gorgeous daughters on Sunday - i have known them since they were babies and i adore them.  Added to that me and the man had a fab day on Mount Street on Saturday - I love that part of London, sitting outside the Mount Street Deli with the boy watching the world go by, i always see some absolutely gorgeously stylish women who i commit to memory for future referencing, such a favourite past-time - purely and utterly time and senses indulgent - and on that note, meet my new winter skirt xx

Aah bless his chubby little chops x

This fall I am so all about the hat, the silk scarf and the 70's! I am sure i saw Detective Cagney in this one and i did soooo love detective Cagney!

Lots of burgundy i know, i know - you might think i would grow out of trends but when i like them oh boy do i like them! 


This heel, these boots - another best buy - another top tip when you love them - heel and re-sole every season - Classic Repairs - postal service too - the best in London - absolutely top

Have a fab week xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Denim Roundup

Well it has been a week of our favourite and sometimes most tricky fashion perennial, i thought i would end it on a couple of my recent favourite denim editiorials.  I often look to editorials not just for inspirational shots but very much styling i can learn from and adapt so on that note - the lovely Lara Stone shows us just quite how to do the 70's.

All in one, retro fab, gotta love the beetle

Orange and denim always look fantastic and yes blondes can work orange too

Denim and leopard really are the firmest of fashion friends - i adore this skirt

Unleash your inner Farah, i love these Miu Miu sunnies animal print a go-go


This editorial is just so easy, i mean so wearable, and there are some fab little details we can all adopt and adapt and on that note, have a very fabulous weekend and get your jeans on xx

Firstly the Chanel styling - short over long jacket but i love the roll of the jean with the argyll sock and loafer

The Marant larger cardi over a denim jacket works so well and the animal print and aztec plus its a maxi is just perfect

The tucked in sweater the slimmer boyfriend, the ladylike vivier pump with the sock and then the oversized biker which looks great worn over the shoulder too

The slimline pencil denim, or any pencil with the belted cardi again denim belt, i adore the ladylike touches of the half glove and that Fendi bag - i think this is quite my fave xx

Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue
Lara Stone by Angelo Pennetta for T Magazine
Femke by Alexander Neumann for L'Officiel Paris

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My most favourite jeans and a hot tip

I have previously stated that i could dedicate a whole post to these Chloe bought knock down years ago jeans - they are the best ever jeans - I loooooove them!

So here you go and for every one of these pics there were a thousand more times i wore them, loved them and did not have a camera to hand - some pieces just are too good to be true.

With Miu Miu blouse and navy blazer, cross body Celine bag

J Crew open denim shirt, T by Wang Tee, again that Celine bag

Liberty bracelet, Celine sunnies and navy blazer

That Marni Cape and the Miu Miu blouse again

A new shot - the one we got before the camera battery died...

Chloe blouse previously seen as a dress with Balenciaga cardi and my new hat from Club Monaco


And now i have a little fashion tip to share - my wonderful tailor atelier colpani can tailor a jean - oh yes - because my second fave pair of jeans - 901 j brands are a size too big - but only really on the bum - they have tailored the seat as they have politely informed me is the more correct and polite terminology and these jeans now fit me perfectly - yes if you look close the fading is not quite as it should be but really they never ever fitted like this - you need a very very good tailor but by jo it is so worth it x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas in Jeans

Back to the jean theme and here they are in all their glory our fave fashionistas in their jeans! xx

Anya Zivoura (image Jak & Jil) in that Burberry Jacket that i wish i owned and a fab retro tee

Anya Zirouva (Image Streetfsn) breton tee, skinny jeans, black high heel bootie, blazer - ubiqitous and working on all levels 

Christina Centenera (image Streetfsn) in the boyfriend jean to end all - the jacket - helloo!

Elena Perminova (image All the Pretty Birds) fab high waisted jeans and that killer accessory she works so well

Anya Zirouva (image Stripey blouse, pale gey skinny with a fab feminine heel, love the stripe echo'd in the bag - tonal perfection

Well we all know i worship at the alter of Taylor - i adore a bit of body armour - this is how to do the jean!!  (image all the pretty birds)

Vika a firm fash and frank fave - rocking a cross straight leg/boyfiend styley in her own initmitable fashion - loving those earrings (image Vanessa Jackman)

Taylor again (image doing it all black with alaia heels - thats a combo that can't complain

Stevie Dance courtesy of all the pretty birds, 70's retro and fab (belt is Marni and on Net a P as we speak if you are totally taken with it)

Ondine Azoulay again courtesy of all the pretty birds and so very 70's rocking a flare with an YSL bag with a flair all of its very own (i know pathetic pun but hey made me smile, self-indulgently you may say)


And best for last - i nearly dedicated a whole post to this - the most fabulous Meredith Melling Burke shot by one of our very own very best streetstyle photographers Vanessa Jackman

70's sooo superlicious - who makes those jeans???


Get out the jeans girls - its cold outside!! x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Queen of the Jean - Marina Munoz

For this weeks fave fashionista, i decided to dedicate to the lady i feel does the jean in her own very special way.  Following on from our denim, borrowed from the boys theme of the week - oh yes we have a theme this week - le jean!  Marina Munoz, Argentine Stylist, is to me the perfect example of how denim, hats, borrowing from the boys can come together in a unique, feminine and individual manner - her style is signature, never boring, never repetitive - that is an art in itself xx

I love the red of the hat and the shirt, the cape and the brown of the glove and cardi sleeve, so autumnal

Now that is how to do a white jean - love the man brogue

Desert boots to perfection with the looser higher almost chino jean

Retro perfection - i am sure i had these jeans in the 80's, in fact i did and wish i had kept them

Denim shirt her way and what a way

This is just such easy perfection

Coloured jean done really well, love the green against the red

More of a chino but oh my what a shot, what an outfit

Perfect red, camel, brown and denim - it works


And finally but never last i think one of my fave looks, 70's and not strictly jean, the jean dress

And my final thought - this lady rocks a hat!! xx

Images from top to bottom in order courtesy of :

Streetfsn, Citizen Couture, Hanneli Mustaparta, Tales of Endearment, Citizen Couture, Citizen Couture, Marie Claire US, Street Peeper, Turned Out, Tales of Endearment 

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