Friday, 26 August 2011

Break Buster

I may be taking a wee break to entertain the troops (or my my mum for that matter) but hey i saw this - missed you all and thought a quick post on a Friday - well it is the weekend - was a very good idea - who can resist a hat - have a totally fab fashion-filled time xx

And the question is are we colour matching this season?? x

Sara Blomqvist by Andreas Sjodin for NK Stockholm courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas - Yasmin Sewell

This week i have gone back to the Brits, well she is an Aussie, but so beloved and firmly embedded in our fashion hearts that we like to think of her as one of our own, Yasmin Sewell.  Former buying director for Browns, her own shop Yasmin Cho, mecca for stylish londoners and rockstars alike, credited with Liberty's fashion successes in her role as consultant and now at Westfield.  Her style is both elegant and at the same time borrowed from the boys which is a hard look to pull off, I think she does it to perfection.  Wishing all my fellow fashion lovers a good week xx

I love this outfit - it is so easy and we all have these pieces, push up your sleeves and belt your waist - perfect!

Love the collar, the opaques and then the play between the skirt and bag

Strong standout pieces grounded by the coat and the open yet stong shoe

Small details - the brown of the boot echoing the brown in hat 

I have this cardi - i hope to wear it as successfully one day - the neutral outfit, sleeves pushed up again and then that Fendi bag - so easy so effective

Love love love the sleeves

Again have the jacket (so chuffed to share pieces in common with Ms S) and love the boyfriend jean - am really feeling boyfriend jeans at the mo

My two final fave pics - pure and utter perfection x

I am going to be having a bit of a break over the next couple of weeks, i have a visit from my mum coming up and work/life balance with blog getting a bit out of whack, so although i wont be posting/commenting as much i will be checking in as much as poss x

Images - from top - Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Wayne Tippets, All the Pretty Birds, Garance Dore, Sartorialist, Sartoiralist, and last but not least both pics Citizen Couture 

Friday, 19 August 2011

My Man, Frankie and Birling Gap

I know i have gone all travelogue but this is one for the weekend and Frankies legions of fans.   I had a lovely weekend last weekend - just me, the man and himself.  These are often the best times - simple and with the people you love.

One of my absolute fave things to do in Sussex is to walk the Seven Sisters at Birling Gap - it is the best walk - the view is unbelievable, and i always take a picnic to empty on the way (means you get to stop too).  So if you come to Sussex - you heard it here!  See you on the hills xx

Still relatively fresh

Half way - you seeing the lighthouse - yep just below that - the start!

I think Frank wanted a piggyback back x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fashion and Franks Top Tips - a New Season

Now i am not entirely sure that this 100% qualifies for a top tips post but it is how i prepare for the new season ahead.  Come this time of year i am thinking of the upcoming autumn and soon to be winter.  The shops are full, I have perused the collections, the September issues are out and i am fully inspired.  It is at this point, head spinning, that i begin to rationalise.

And here is where i start - what do i have, what did i wear a lot last year, who do i want to be, what is my budget and how is it best spent.  What do i have - here i have a good sort out - if it works for this year pull it, remember it, do not re-buy it!!  What did i wear a lot - daywear.  Do i want to be wearing exactly the same again - no, but do I want to work it in and adapt it yes.  Now i come to the fun bit who do i want to be - well i am keen on borrowing from the boys, colour, burgundy, pattern, pops of brights, 70's.  I now have my plan - i will be concentrating on daywear - i walk - a lot - therefore i start with my new season shoe.  This is what i will base my entire winter day wardrobe around.

I am in love with the Lanvin loafer - this is my shoe - flattering, easy to walk in but a bit of height - this is my perfect shoe.  The silhouette shown in the show works on me, i have a lot of pieces that fit this silhouette.  When i decide on a silhouette i always make sure it is one that suits my body - if you do not look good in a shape - don't buy into it, it will always wear you and not the other way round.  No matter how good it looked on Kate, Naomi whomsoever you will be the one wearing it - make sure it suits or move on to something that does - there is always so much choice and you dont need to do something just because it is the current 'trend' set your own.

This shoe also works well for my borrowed from the boys theme - i fit Zara trousers well - that will be a saving, but if i see a top 3 piece trouser suit - it will be on my list.  I liked the Paul Smith silhouette - again the shoes work and i already have a lot of the pieces needed but i will be buying a mans tie and braces to complete this look.  One pair of shoes - a lot of looks - all working in with what i have and now i have a plan of what i want to buy.

I have a pair of burgundy  and a pair of black knee high Celine boots  - these are going to form the 2nd of my winter day looks.  I intend to wear them with knee length and midi skirts.  For me burgundy will work well with grey, white and black and it is with them i will also mix autumnal colour.  This is also were i am going to fill my 70's theme, think Cagney of Cagney and Lacey, think Chloe pre-fall, think Gucci.  As you can see it is all in the shoes for me.

I won't budget for eveningwear - i have a lot so i tend to buy it in the sales or on the Outnet, when i see it, if the price is right and it suits, i buy it - there is nothing worse than trying to find something for a do and traipsing town not finding it, also it tends not to date and it is pricey so better bought at discount.

By now i have a plan formulated, i make a list on my iphone, photograph pieces i need to match ie the boots, any inspo shots i feel pertinent and then i have it to hand when in the shop.  This stops me impulse buying, allows me to be more focussed and i can actually see the piece i am working in as memory is not always 100% accurate.  And if you dont have a smartphone a note book and pics is the old fashioned way and it works still - this is the fun part, the planning, the dreaming, enjoy it girls - it only happens twice a year!  xx

Images, via

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And then we have that Zara jacket

As promised in the top tips post we now have that Zara jacket, again the fabric and the colour were good but this one was just too big - i was going to have it tailored to fit but instead they suggested shoulder pads that would give it that borrowed from the boys look but not swamp me - it worked - gorgeous piece.  Now i would like a little piece of fashion advice - i have these two ilesteva glasses on appro from Matches at the mo - as seen previously here and today - i am not sure - do you like them if so which or both??  opinions much appreciated - i am torn between them, if at all x

Lanvin pumps last year, Zara jacket, Dolce body, Stella shorts, Ilesteva sunglasses - jewellery as before x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

That Zara dress

As referred to in my top tips post this is the Zara dress i changed the belt on - it is such an easy piece, the fabric may be synthetic but it moves well and feels good.  I do love a maxi and i always will - not shaved your legs, feeling a bit white, legs letting you down, experienced all of the above and what comes out and despite the odds makes you feel wahey - the maxi - that good old fashion staple - the maxi.  And to get one at a good price at Zara always brings a smile to a die hard fashion fans face - good week to you all x

Lanvin Sandals from last season, Zara Maxi, Market Hat, Chloe Belt (old), Bottega Venetta Bag couple years ago, Mc Queen cuff, Celine sunnies, bangle pressie from my friend Louise 

Big thank you to Ada at Classiq for mentioning my top tips post yesterday xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas - Elena Perminova

The second of our fave fashionistas, Elena Perminova, wife to Russian oligarch, Alexander Lebedev, Mother, some time model, friend of Miroslava Duma - this lady knows her fashion and always with a twist.   Loved by the street style photographer and fashion followers alike she always manages to combine a simple (but always standout) silhouette with a killer accessory.  Unlike Giovanna last week who accessories to the nth, Elena tends to go with one strong piece and then highlights that with a single accessory, be it a hat, headpiece or shoe.  The secret to her success  - very strong almost architectural pieces highlighted, a killer smile, not to mention legs, the end result, inspirational and knockout - come fashion week i always look forward to Elena x

Monochromatic success and the killer accessory - that headband - strong yet simple

This one is as simple as the lipstick, the shoes, the outfit - tonal and then the lipstick

This Margiella piece is spectacular - it needed a simple background - perfect

Oh i loved this Viktor and Rolf dress so much and the strong monochromatic shoe and sunglass where the perfect accompaniment 

This could have been a rather boring outfit and then there were the boots - hello!

Love the silhouette on this one and the pop of red in the bag - perfect finishing touch

Tonal Autumn perfection, the chloe outfit finished with the hermes leather vest - stunning

A more recent and pregnant Elena at Couture week - love the tonal clash of patterns and then the fan - always a standout accessory to finish and seriously how to do pregnancy in unbelievable style - may dedicate a whole post to this fab fashionistas expectant style - amazing x

Images courtesy of All the Pretty Birds, Livin Cool, Mr Newton, Team Peter Stigter, Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist

Friday, 12 August 2011

Three Print Friday

Its a three print Friday - can you see them all - i'll give you a clue - head to toe.  Whilst i have recently learnt that clashing your prints is the way to go i have also observed a trend to match and work a theme - something i would not have been inclined to do previously - never having been much of a matchy girl - but that is the great thing about learning new fashion tricks - they are just that - new - try something you never did before this weekend - will be loving seeing the results!  Have a good one xx

Snake Print Lanvin Trench, Illesteva Sunnies, Equipment Blouse, J Brand Jeans, Roger Vivier Pumps

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fashion and Franks Top Tips - Zara

Otherwise known as 'things i have learned'!  Over these very many years of fashion mania i have learnt a few things along the way hence i have decided to share for your weekly delectation my top fashion tips.

Firstly - Zara - that fab fave of the high street - Zara is my go to on the high street (and if you live in London - seriously Duke of York Square, Kings Road - the BEST Zara store by a long fashion mile).

My top tips for Zara purchases - tailor them - it may seem like madness to spend almost as much on the tailor as the garment but it will take that £10 purchase to £1000 fit.   Last Saturday (the day of the new big purchase - oooh) I wore a Zara jacket that i had altered - all they did was put in shoulder pads -  and i was asked (in Lanvin - twice!) where i got it - if the fabric is good (and herein lies the rub) it is worth getting the fit right.  I use Atelier Colpani in Mayfair - they are unbelievably good.

I keep all the spare buttons from my designer purchases and here charity shops come in too - if the button is good and the price is right, buy it for the button - they are hard to source really good buttons - so find them, keep them and then swap - makes the world of difference.  Button Queen in Marylebone are a good source for buttons too.  VV Rouleaux also amazing for trims - ribbon etc.

I bought a fab Zara maxi this season - but the belt was a tad cheap - swapped the belt for a chloe one - repeatedly asked were it is from and no-one believes me when i say Zara.  It really is in the accessories.

A lot of Zara garments do not wash well - dont dry clean - it is way harsh - buy a Janie dry spot cleaner (totally chemical free) from John Lewis and steam - i think this is my tip of the century - these little wonders get rid of so much and save your clothes from the ravages of dry cleaners who often ruin more than they clean.

I will have a little re-enaction this weekend and post these two outfits next week - even if i freeze as they are both very summery and sussex certainly is not!!

To keep your fashion appetite whetted and sated - how about a fab inspirational post that we can all emulate - nearly the weekend xx

The inimitable Shala Monroque courtesy of Wayne Tippets

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Alaia in the flesh, well nearly

My regular readers will know that i am a huge fan of Mr Azzedine Alaia, him of the "sucky in i no longer have a tum" dress!  The most flattering, form fitting pieces of fabulousness - when i saw this spread for Remix i realised that it was predominantly styled with Alaia pieces.  And they have been shot and styled beautifully - so no brainer - here is my mid week offering for all my fellow fashion fans x

Who else loves the hair???

Images :  Amanda Booth by Stephen Lyon for Remix (courtesy of fashion gone rogue)

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