Monday, 28 November 2011

Gucci Hat by Night

Hello my fellow fashion lovers well this is what i wore to the fashion do last Monday - it was at the Coutts building on the Strand and i have to say i rather enjoyed it - the clothes were fab and the whole thing was rather exciting - being a fashion do i did not feel silly with a hat on by night - in fact i felt quite fashion!  So on that note - we are trying the flash - photography tips always welcome!! xx

I got the scarf - i told you Herself, now myself

Fashion question - do you want me to list where the items are from??  I do believe the interest is in the styling but sometimes i just want to know where to get something i love - thoughts on a postcard ...


Consensus seems so far to list - so here we go - Marc Jacobs 3 piece suit and i will do a closeup one day to show you the detailing - amazing, YSL shoes, Herself Scarf, Marc Jacobs bag, Gucci hat 

Friday, 25 November 2011

One for the weekend - its that Gucci hat again!

Well this definitely is one for the weekend - easy, go-to, walk for miles (i know i keep harping on this one but how mad is my silly sit-down shoes world that this matters but hey, it does), i change the blazer, the polo-neck, the bag, the scarf even the jeans but the fundament is always the same, knee boot, skinnies, polo, scarf, blazer and this hat!  Oh how i love this hat - and in a while i will show you how it works for evening - i just kept it on - so if ever you see a silly fashion woman in London at night with a silly fashion hat - say hello - odds on its me.... have a very good weekend xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Show and what a show it is!

My fellow fashion lovers - life has been so very, very mad busy i have not had five to take out the old camera but i promise Thursday lunch i am taking off and doing the outfit thing - had the fabbest time last night at a showcase for Christopher Kane, Roksanda and Jonathan Saunders - took my friends 17 year old daughter, Francesca, who has just started at fashion college - very special evening.

Ignoring myself (just for the moment of course ..) i found the most amazing blog today - i am a big fan of the streetstyle photographers - and this one is seriously fab

Just a little taster! well prob a long one - have a fab week xx

I do so love simplicity - this is perfect - i dont know that i am her but by god i would like to be

Stunning simple again - hello that jumper dress

The skirt, the shoes - she has really got it right

This is oh so me - have that shirt - would like that cardi - sales - oh heres to hoping

Gorgeous - the smile, the Hermes dress, the shoes - look at the inside of that heel - such attention to detail

What a truly fab blog - will def be back x


PS - for the rest of you whose Russian is not quite what it could be - click on the images - you get even more xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas - Ece Sukan

Vogue Turkey's Editor at Large, vintage store owner, stylist and fashion phenomenon - Ece Sukan.  I guess when you own a vintage store it is no surprise that your style is eclectic, individual and head-turning - i find this lady so very inspiring xx

Now this is not somewhere i would normally go and yet it is perfect and that is why i opened with this shot because it opens my eye to something new that i love unexpectedly

Brights and black working perfectly

Again black and brights - which i dont do and now i think i may try

Personal fave - loving the leather vintage shirt and the Bette Lynch coat

Chain Mail tunic, over the knee boot - perfect with the grey and simple hair and makeup

Love this - i think i may be doing a Bette later this year - faux fur here i come

Its the brights and black again - i love orange and pink - great combo

Why do i love it - the bare legs - bare pale legs but they are exceedingly nice legs

Another chain mail tunic - love the brown ankle boots

I am so finding some fantastically printed silk fabric and recreating something just like this 80's liciousness - cue the gloves  xx

Images (in order) courtesy of :

All the Pretty Birds, Altimirya, Altimirya, All the Pretty Birds, Garance Dore, Streetstyle, Teampeterstigter, trendycrew, The Sartorialist, Streetwalker courtesy of the Fashion Spot 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Matches puts the Spring back into Fashion

On Wednesday i had the utter pleasure of a visit to the Matches Press Day previewing Summer 2012, and what a pleasure it was.  The colour, the pattern, the sheer and utter joy of the collection really had this fashion lover smiling.  Matches have a new Fashion Director, Natalie Kingham and a fab new Spy Buyer, Suzanne Pendlebury, and the collection is just very much more, how to put it, 'fashion' and i for one love it.  Still wearable, still Matches but just with a touch more, that little fall in love 'specialness'.. those pieces that just make the heart beat just a little faster. And that has me dreaming and dare i say it reaching into the old budget and prioritising.

JW Anderson, Opening Ceremony, Pierre Hardy, Sophie Theallet all new, all fabulous - not to mention Herself silk scarves, herself, myself - i am taking the trip back next week to snap up one of these pieces of fabulousness.  The fine jewellery was exquisite - i particularly loved a black diamond Diane Kordas square ring which kept me awake well past my bedtime last night.  

It was such a pleasure and so very exciting - i am the very greatest fan of Fall fashion but i almost (very nearly almost) felt like skipping winter and slipping right into a bright, fashion filled Spring xx


Firstly let me start this little preview by apologising to all the very talented, wonderful photographers - i am no Bailey - but i think the clothes have managed to transcend my cinematic inadequacies ....


The all year round holiday shop - feel like jetting off - who wouldn't??

You know i love all the colour, love and adore it but then there is that totally and utterly little perfect, beachy, holiday dress and here it is 


My summer i love you and will love you forever dress - say hello 

(say hello say i love you - oh dear, oh dear - i have done it again)


Summer sophisticated perfection in all its longevity, loveliness and ability to make me smile, feel so very special and put a spring in my step

And in the foreground my beloved Herself scarves

Fabulous evening - fabulous company and fabulous fashion - not bad for a Wednesday

Special Thanks to Natalie and Catherine xx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

And then there was Day

Same dress and harness (that i wear a lot) but this time more casual, day to day and easy peasy - which lets face it is always a good way to go.  I love men's laceups - they are the easiest way to feel good whilst being able to walk - these were a Margiela sale bargain end of last winter - add a hat and a very handsome dog - good to go.  

Wierd little Fashion and Frank fact - when i first started wearing hats about 5 years ago - i felt a little self concious (not that it stopped me) and they did attract rather a lot of attention - now i feel completely naked without one - i dont know about the lady that lived in a shoe - i am definitely the lady that lived in a hat - happy mid week to all xx

How lucky am i to share my life with this beastie - i often remark to Mr F&F that he is too big and too strong for my back and bones but then i cuddle him and he is so strong and solid and loving and i just can't imagine a minute of my life without this lovely creature

Monday, 7 November 2011

Monochrome Monday

Hey all, its a monochrome start to the week, now i know you might think from the flavour of the blog so far that i rarely do black, monochrome or for that matter a slightly (ever so slightly) rock edge - well i am here to prove you wrong - just for a bit of bloody mindedness - it is after all Monday!  have a very good week - mad busy one again and rather looking forward to it xx

Now who doesn't love a good old British bowler - its all so very borrowed from the boys ..

Frankie is back Wednesday Francesca xx

PS by popular request the gloves are Nina Peter x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello Autumn

I adore this Gucci hat - i am a tad precious with this Gucci hat - it has made a good couple of day outings with said outfit and been extremely successful it has to be said - Saturday night - not so much - what do you do with a hat when it is not on your head??  Cloakroom - guaranteed to get squished - back of chair - why did the waiter keep leaning over me and very precious hat with feather - conclusion - in order to keep very lovely hat lovely - wear it in the day! have a good week xx

I just wonder just exactly what he is thinking? and whether it is polite ..

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