Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I predict a trend!!

Spotty tights and the spots are white!!  Wolford this winter - it tight of the season??? you tell me x

Image - Rush (via Studded Hearts Blogsite)

Monday, 30 May 2011

It all Green

Its England and it is not so warm anymore!  Now there's a shocker!  But it is green and the gardens do need it so don't mind digging out the winter gear (as long as its soon spring again) x

Speaking of green - driving, me and the man, came upon a number of cars stopped in the road - we were hailed down to stop and crossing the road were a number of toads - helped on their way by helping hands - how cool is that - sometimes i am really proud to be british!  Our eco-pool houses more than a few toads and at this moment they are definitely the only thing swimming in it!  Brrrr xx

Moncler Jacket last winter, Rag and Bone Boots, really old Chloe bag, Zara Sheepskin Gilet,
J Brand jeans, Celine Sunnies (Why???)  x

Friday, 27 May 2011

This ones for your Rich

We love you xx

Bank Holiday Madness!

Long week - early skive off - we've got that bank holiday madness!! x

We are currently home, rocking out to Tammy Wynette and KLF - Justified and Ancient - seriously!!

Have a good one xxx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Longing for Summer

Elle Italia

Cannot wait for Summer - we have had an amazing taster this Spring and heres to a long hot one where we actually get to wear our summer wardrobe (this is England!!)

Image Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Calling all Fashion Lovers!!

Vintage Mcqueen!  given to me by my lovely friend Nadia. 

 Fashion history - Yes! Wearable - not so sure?? 

I would describe this dress as Victoriana, meets goth punk, meets bordello with a pretty edge.  
These are not words i would use to describe myself!  
So herein lies the dilemma - me - huge lover of fashion owning a piece of fashion history 
(I could seriously see this dress in the V&A) (i did see it is beige in French Vogue - what higher accolade could it have) and i dont know if i can wear it???  
It is on Dolly because it is too big for me and needs a tailor, so before i cut into  - i face the dilemma of styling and will i wear it?!

Herein is my shoutout - what would you do with it - would you stick on a pair of spotty tights, Mcqueen armadillos and go all out or would you dress down and if so how??

I have put together a few ideas - which is seriously sad cos i have the day off and the sun is shining and i am playing with dolly, an old dress and some shoes!! xxx

Dress in its unadulterated form

Dress for want of a more literate description 'hoiked'

How high would you go?  Front, back - endless permutations??  The decisions!

Cardi, Boots, Statement ring ??

Big Jumper, Statement Shoe and Seriously McQueen Clutch?!?

All items courtesy of my wardrobe over the years - Alaia boots and shoes serious bargain - i dont think anyone else could walk in them and if ever you see me at 2 in the morning you would wonder if i can??  That is also true of me at 7 in the evening in these!! xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Its Lanvin but not as we know it!

Who remembers the Lanvin for Acne collections?  
They were really amazing - Alber design at a much reduced price (of course this was well before H&M).  This dress was from the first colaberation and i love it - i wear it belted as it is voluminous but to be honest it looks great both ways.  
What i have never tried is as a coat - i think it could work - will have a play one day! xx

Acne Lanvin Dress from Matches - (shout out to Natalie, Catherine and Rob - the private shopping team who found this amazing piece - if you have a fashion emergency you know who to call!!), Topshop belt, Dolce Leopard bag and those new Zara pumps, oh and not to be forgotten amazing mcqueen bracelet/hand art! xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Morning Inspriration

I love this - the lilac, the black and the beige of the shoe!
 The high modest neck and the sheer of the skirt - its all in the details and juxtapositons - have a good week!! x

Image Elle US - courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Luscious Lanvin

Big Family do so a bit of historic Lanvin came out!

The bottom pic is my gorgeous nephew Leo (and my arm) with Frankie - he is the sweetest boy - my niece and nephew (Hannah and George) from Yorkshire were there too and it was so lovely to see them as i don't often - Fab children who are growing up soooo quickly - Frankie had a great time being made a huge fuss over every time there was a cigarette break in the car park!!  Me, very proud auntie! xx

(Quite proud mum too - i know he's a dog!!)

Leo in the boot of my car - Frank at that point not majorly interested - till Leo brought out his sausages!

George and Frankie - big love - George has a dog too - called Teddy so Frank sends a big shout out to Teddy and I am sending one out to you all - great to see you last night xx 

Lanvin dress about 3 years old - clutch sale purchase 
Shoes Givenchy about 4 years old

Friday, 20 May 2011

Seriously Spotty Inspiration!

Have yourself a fashion fun-filled weekend x

Fashion Love - Seriously Spots, Shorts - Big Fashion Love!!

French Vogue May 2011

Images Studded Hearts

After Work

Bit of an outfit post - I loove this trench it is Lahssan - French and available at Colette Paris or Bluebird in the UK.  The silk comes in lots of different colours and patterns and the trench  has different sleeve/body combos.  I went for trench top with silk body, the more popular one was silk sleeves with trench body - but i was surprised to find the other suited me better and i hadnt seen it on anyone else in that combo - seriously cool trench!  and as you know i loooove a trench!!  Have a fun-filled Fashion weekend wherever you are and whatever your doing!! xo

Lahssan trench, Etro Trousers, Dolce Teeshirt - very old and very good, topshop earrings and ring, Prada Bag, Very old Loubs, Celine Sunnies x

Roland Mouret

I have been stuck at home with really bad abdominal pain but this is not the reason for the post.  The reason for it is i was invited to a presentation of the AW collection by the man himself at his new atelier in Mayfair - i had been so looking forward to it - i loved the collection, admire the man - seriously admire, and had a perfect outfit planned - so to say i was really really pee'd off to be stuck at home in pain was no understatement.  Soo always the mistress of distraction i decided to take a look at the collection again and discuss it virtually if i cant be there!

Roland Mouret is the king of the dress - we all remember them, the galaxy, Victoria Beckham, form fitting  and uber flattering but in more recent years his collections have been more fluid less figure hugging but still extremely flattering.  I loved this move and this AW he definitely moved forward again with an easier more day aesthetic and it was these i particularly loved!  So i have put together a selection of my faves - which were yours?? xx

All pics Style.com

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Its Blue and its Seventies!

Well its not all blue but it is all 70's!!  Gucci doing that 70's thing for Pre-Fall - seriously those boots!! x

Images Fashion Gone Rogue
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