Friday, 29 July 2011

7 Fabulous Fashion and Frank Facts plus one Fab Pic

After a rather mixed week i think i need a little light relief to herald in the weekend so i hereby introduce 7 fabulous Fashion and Frank Facts

Fashion (thats me) :-

1 I have a really loud laugh - seriously loud, scares small children and babies loud
2 I have a huge head - hats - borrowing from the boys - yep thats me
3 I looove peanut butter -  eat it till my mouth is firmly stuck and i can no longer swallow (bright??)
4 I am very disorganised (ask my lovely PA) yet my wardrobe would make magazines weep it is so slick  (obsessed anyone??)
5 I have a degree in fashion but work in bathroom accessories - glamourous huh??
6 I have a top man who is not only prepared to take pics but is actually getting into it - thank you Man xx
7 I love, love, love fashion, frivolity and all that comes with it (probably a bit yeah never would have guessed that one but thought i would reiterate it )

Giving myself a bonus one :

I loooove a smile - seriously bloggy girls we are at our best when we share that gorgeous totally free fashion fantabulous asset our smile!!

Fab Fashion Pic - Proenza Schouler fall 2011 and yes i know she's not smiling but hey she's a model they can pout!! 

Frank (the one with the teeth)

1 He is half Labrador - i know tip of the tail but he IS half labrador
2 He loves bones (animal not human)
3 His best mates since babydom are Penny and Tiddles the stable dogs at work - indeterminate little terrier types - very sweet - very female and very bossy!
4 Helen at work is his fave - her dog, Archie, is not, Archie tries to hump Frank, Frank would rather be the humper and not the humpee
5 He is very handsome ( i know obvious but he is a dog - these facts are not easy to come by!)
6 He adores his Mum - me - i know i am not his mum but for the sake of this piece humour me
7 He has uber respect for Matthew his feline nemesis - he has none for Marmite and Chicken his further feline friends

His extra fact - Did i mention he looves his mum!! x

Have a very good one xx

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Missoni and a whole new set of rules

The sun shone on Sunday (wahey blighty - where is the summer??!!) and i got to wear my super duper serious sale bargain 80% off Missoni dress which i looove.  I adored this dress when i first saw it but i had made a new fashion rule - no more mini dresses - you can wear the old ones but do not buy anymore - god i hate fashion rules - self-imposed or not!  Well when it came up at the end of sale bargain basement knockdown at Matches i made a new rule - if a total bargain all previous rules become null and void - i like the new rule! Pity the sales are over i could have applied it more liberally I am sure (weekend's nearly here!!) xx

Isn't this shirt fab - short at the back so you can wear tied like this or as a normal shirt tucked in - so clever - love 2 in 1's - i might just make a new fashion rule about them - ie 2 for the price of one instantly becomes half price ???  serious fashion habit justification anyone ?? x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mid Week Motivation

Hats, Hats, Hats - oh how i love a hat!!  When it comes to Wednesday i need some motivation and nothing motivates a fashion girl more than a good hat.  Practical - i mean bad hair day??  Flattering - a fringe that you don't actually have to commit to and so, so hot!  So when i saw this stunning little collection it certainly brightened up my mid-week.  What's your fave fall accessory or are we all in hats?? xx

Colour co-ordinating? even your tongue?? but we get the gist 

Double up or how about just the scarf ??

These two! the new wider brim - the colour co-ordination - as i have frequently been known to say - Fashion Love x

Images Flair August courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


What a red letter day!  when i checked my mails this morning Kellina told me my article was published and i was so very chuffed and then i found that Tabitha of had featured on of my man and I's very first shoots - excuse the english i am so very excited - again go over and have a look she is absolutely lovely and her blog is exciting and witty much like herself!!  xx

Thank you, thank you, thank you to both Kellina and Tabitha x

Glamour waylaid

Ooh i had such a good night on Saturday - Dolce met Lanvin and had soooo much fun!! 

Now i think i may have waxed lyrical previously that in life there is always a ying and a yang - so for every bit of glamour ......  

Roll on Monday morning - day off - head thick as marmite - old vest - cannot surface - ring the lovely Claire to check on work - can hardly speak - cat crying - mouse in mouth - ohh no - claire says leave it - i say got to go - me, vest, head, cat, mouse - pick up cat - cat bites mouse, mouse bites me - i scream,  mouse screams - mouse still at large in mans room!!  Seriously! The  sheer and utter glamour!  

Happy Tuesday xx

I want to be a battaglia!!

Fellow fashion lovers i have news!!!  So very chuffed - i most of you will know i recently featured the stunning Giovanna Battaglia in Erdem on my blog, well the lovely Kellina at iwanttobeabattaglia asked me to write an article for her featuring the skirt - how very, very exciting!!  I know i have said it before but go over and take a look - the blog is amazing and i am sooooo very flattered - fashion squeals all round!! xx

Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Logo Mania

Now i am not a logo mania girl but this brought a very large smile to my very hungover face this morning - lets start off the week in a fashion fabulous way girls!! xx

Marie Claire Italia courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sunday on a Thursday

Having had a rubbish weekend stuck indoors poorly last weekend and missing seeing my good friend Alison who i love loads and always have fun with, i have no outfit posts to share. To rectify this blogging dilemma i decided to preview Sundays, I am about to have a mad busy weekend which will make up for last and is just the way i like it.  

I am going to a sedate luncheon in Sussex on Sunday and i know after a very un-sedate night and day out in London i will be grumpy, hungover and a very poor wife who does not want to go to said luncheon back in the countryside and will certainly be far too busy being Vicky Pollard to have her photo taken!  So i am preparing my don't offend anyone, not overtly loud, or sexy outfit to match the smile that will come over my face on arrival as one must always remember ones manners and then hope to go home soon!  I will also have my alaia heels to look on fondly and entertain myself with should i need to (which some might say is quite likely)!  

Although written with tongue firmly in cheek - the seed of truth is certainly herein buried - sorry Mr Fashion and Frank i will make up for it by being a top date the night before!!  The champagne is definitely on ice!! and i love a night out xx

I think it is fair to say - Frank is rather bored of his modelling days - i mean the make-up, the posing, the waiting about not to mention his calorie controlled diet (??) - its just all too, too much!  xx

Have a good one all my blogging friends!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Girls the boys are coming!

Ooh the fashion boys are giving the fashion girls a big run for their money!!

Check out the accessorising - check it out and adopt it - i am so taking my inspo from the boys! x

How has he done this - scarves? ties?? answers on a postcard

Great usage of gaffer tape btw and it actually looks functional rather than just fashionable! top banana!

So so clever!

Images courtesy of  STREETFSN

Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh Chloe

This is a story of two great girly days - the first when i bought this yummy dress half price a couple of weeks ago - oh joy - how we do love a bargain!  Had a top day out with my gorgeous swedish sister in law - lots of gabbing, eating and shopping - my perfect day and it culiminated in this little beauty!! I then went on to spoil my virtuous sales shopping by buying the new season shoes too but hey the dress was half price so in effect they were free (hmmm??)

The second great girly occassion was Thursday when i wore said outfit for a night out with my friends Clare and Hiltrud - again gabbing, eating but no shopping - it was night time in the middle of rural sussex - not a huge fan of the garage 7/11??

To all my fashion friends have a good week x

Friday, 15 July 2011

One for the Weekend

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign

I love this print - i love the bulk of the knitted gilets and most of all i lllooovvve those shoes!!

Have a fun fashion-filled weekend  x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Couture Week - Mr Azzedine Alaia presents

After a long break he is back on the catwalk and boy can that man do a catwalk - i loved it - as i mentioned yesterday his clothes fit like no other.  Apparently he oversees all his own production with the same company in Italy he has worked with for 20 odd years.  A workaholic and perfectionist, should you buy one of his pieces you are reaping the reward of all his labours.

I think what i love about alaia is how it moulds to the body - holding yet not squashing so it is uber flattering plus it moves - the skirt yesterday being a point of fact.  I tend to wear my other alaia pieces in winter but you will definitely be seeing them then - they are amazing xx

The dress above is top banana for me

Waisted but never wasted - wow!!


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Alaia by Day

My man will laugh at this title - my lovely friend Rob at Matches once bumped into me in Notting Hill and in his own inimitable fashion announced "ooh alaia by day!" which he was entirely correct about!

Ever since if ever i wear Alaia by day we both have a grin - no-one could announce Alaia by day quite like Rob! x

So it is a week of skirts - Erdem and now Alaia - i bought this last season and it is a really easy piece not to mention seriously 'flippy' in the way that only Mr Alaia could do - his pieces are truly amazing - the dresses give you a waist like no other - i consider myself exceedingly lucky to own a few of his pieces.

Now i know i am going to get asked where Frankie is - he was indoors as it was hot and i dont like tying him up outside places when it is hot as i might not be able to see him - i am of the illusion that someone might want to pinch him!  So how's about a seriously cute puppy pic in his adult absence xx

His first day with us - Bless!!!!! he was so diddy x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Flower Power

Well the Erdem skirt is turning into quite the little blogging epic!!  But hey it is quite the skirt!

Now if you have seen the last 2 posts you will know this one followed the first and the second was a little impromptu extra thanks to one of my lovely readers.

I am still chuffed that me and Giovanna share such an epic piece - so if you havent seen it - the last 2 posts are all goodys dedicated to one super skirt!! x

Here comes the previously prepared piece

Yesterday I posted this print in the form of a skirt - i adore the double floral combo here.  
Mixing your florals is so this season and i love it !  

I posted about mixing your print previously in May with my floral and stripe post (quick reminder above) and even my Dolce white skirt post had the floral and stripe trend if rather monochromatic!  

What is your favourite print clash - spots and stripes, double floral, floral and stripe, spots and floral??  let me know your thoughts and if you can think of anymore print combinations for us to try on this fashion Tuesday i would love to hear about them .. x

ps how about the erdem skirt with a lace white shirt - have this combo and think i might be trying it soon - watch this space xx

Image Costume July 2011 courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 

Monday, 11 July 2011

Giovanna and Erdem

I have a post prepared for tomorrow which i will be posting in the morning but i have a 
quickie for you my fellow fashion lovers!

I am a huge fan of Giovanna Battaglia she is one of my all time faves - the lovely Kellina of just commented on my site that Giovanna had worn this skirt in Brazil - 
well i was on google in a fashion flash and yes i have the pic!!

Now yes you may say her styling is ott in that the ruff is perhaps superfluous (as readers did on TFS where i located the image) but i love it - and it is exactly her ott fabulousness that i love the most about her - because it inspires me, it makes me smile and although i may not go to these fashion extremes - i will find my own extremes thanks to women like her - totally and utterly fashion fab!! x

See you tomorrow with the original post and thank you Kellina - check out her sites - they are amazing!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ahem Erdem

I decided to start the week with a top sales purchase, some floral, a maxi, some stripes, a hat and 
the uber lovely Celine - now thats how i like to start a week!

  Erdem skirt  - 50% off - squeal - will definitely be trying it with stripey tops in the not too distant future

Frank expressing how i feel most Monday mornings! 

I know, what a copycat, walking again

Erdem skirt, old The Row top, Marc Jacobs bag - sale again!
Celine cuff, sunnies and wedges all as before, Market Hat

Friday, 8 July 2011

For Andrew x

This is a post of two halves, as life always is, with all the happiness that you find, you will also find 
sadness too and maybe we need that sadness to know just how very good the happiness is.  
Sometimes that is a hard lesson to learn but with time that realisation does come.

I instantly loved this wonderful happy picture as it so illustrates one of the great joys in my life - 
women with all their foibles, playing dress up in their own grown up world but still little 
girls in their mums' high heels x

 Tomorrow would have been my brothers 42nd birthday, he drowned on his 16th birthday 26 years ago - 
I still miss him, I always will.

I debated hard but I wanted to remember him here because somehow it keeps him alive in my life x

Image Jak & Jil Blog
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