Thursday, 29 December 2011

Xmas pressies, New Year, London and me

On my umpteenth Sussex country walk, sheltering under a bush from the ever present drizzle the man looked at me and announced, god you look worn out, that was it - i may like the smokey eye look but not without makeup.  The fresh air is killing me, I am bored stiff, we are off to London - it may finish me but at least it will do so in style!

To all my lovely ladies and fashion men have a very good new year - see you in 2012 xx

And for a pic - I must have been very very good cos Santa certainly came down the chimney and wholeheartedly delivered - thank you lovely man xxx

I do love a Lanvin dolly and i have this dress which is so fab and i never ever get a shot off - coming soon i promise - it is the mans fave so he got me the doll - aaah 

The man definitely did go to Lanvin

Perfect shot of the purse not so good of the ring - the ring was the intended but for now you will just have to imagine how gorgeous it is - Diane Kordas - pink gold with upside down black diamonds - how wonderful is that and so sparkly - lucky lucky me 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Thank you Meredith Melling Burke, Thank you Vanessa Jackman, Thank you Marc Jacobs and finally Thank you Anonymous ..

Otherwise known as fashion's holy grail, the perfect jean.  Is this what it takes - an uber editrix, a streetstyle photographer at the top of her game, one of fashion's greats le Jacobs and lastly, but definitely not least, anonymous, that fabulous fashion girl that knew her stuff and correctly identified the said perfect jean.

Those of you who have been with me for a while will know that i thought this to be the denim shot of the season - make that year - and herewith began the search that led me to Marc by Marc near Mount Street and me finding that former nemesis the perfect jean.  Leg lengthening, butt lifting, waist slimming not to mention 70's licious - they are so fab i got two pairs (different washes hey call me extravagant not crazy).

But then i wanted the perfect jacket and herein was my inspiration for my fab faux fur - short, bomber, cashmere trim, 70's licious and definitely proving a worthy addition, so a final thank you to my fab tailor, Jackie Palmer and hey, i am going to say it, my honed fashion eye that dreamt of this little beauty xx

Told you, leg-lenthening - of course the hidden uber Dior wedge is assisting - i suspect i am not as tall as Meredith Melling Burke 

Thought you might like a little close up on the faux fur

Frankie says happy xmas, i say happy xmas and we will see you very soon but not before the big day - wishing you all love, happiness and health over the holiday xx

Jeans Marc by Marc Jacobs, blouse equipment, faux fur my very own, Necklace Alex Monroe, Solange Azagury Lips Ring, Lanvin cocktail ring 

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Two parts Margo, Two parts Barbara

Christmas comes in a box, for those of you more familiar with that wonderful piece of british television heritage ,The Good Life, you will know exactly what i am referring to.  I am not a good wife, i have not been baking, i would like to be, but no you see i am Margo or at least according to Mr i am two parts Margo - fashion fabulousness, bossy old Margo and two parts Barbara - low maintenance, green, nice Barbara, but then does that make him two parts Gerry two parts Tom??

In my younger years how i hankered to be Margo - not the snotty Margo - oh no - the fabulous, Harrods driven, fashion fabulous Margo - oh to sit around all day tending entirely to oneself and ones aesthetic needs, to pamper, preen and gossip - bloody marvelous i used to think.  But then i liked Barbara, Barbara was nice and pretty and sexy and low maintenance and liked animals and i kind of wanted to be her too but then we parted company i have to confess i hated Tom i couldnt think of anything worse than being married to Tom - bleeeuch - Tom was my teen nemesis - uurgh - get the picture - i did not aspire to a Tom.

And then there was Gerry - well it has to be said i quite liked Gerry - he was fun, he didn't do a lot but god he was Margo's perfect foil, he was the switch that flashed Margo's light - i quite liked a Gerry and all the bits i love in Mr are very Gerry - he is funny, he thinks i shine (most days) but then every now and then he turns into Tom, grumpy, know it all, bossy old Tom - sexless yeeuchy old Tom.  But then again maybe thats what saves me from being ten parts Margo - so the yuletide balance is firmly in check, xmas will come in a box i will be 3 parts Margo to one part Barbara and Mr will be 9 parts Gerry to one part Tom - after all it is a good life xx

We had a bit of a flash disaaaaaster so all round apologies to my photographer friends x

The second piece created by moi - the fabulous faux fur - full post to follow

Mum now you can see the Prada shoes xx

Xmas do, entire team, Pelham Arms, year 9 ......

My baby feeling poorly and not wanting a pic taken - he and Mr have been partaking of too much xmas fare and are both feeling a tad under the weather - they both wear the same boohoo face xx


High/low mix for your Francesca, Zara blouse old, Miu Miu skirt - Outnet complete bargain 80% off, Prada shoes this season and faux fur all fashion and frank xx

PS i was chanelling the ever fabulous Carinne - all smokey eyes, silk blouse and pencil skirt Carinne 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Camel Coat

So here we go - trousers part two - and again apologies for Frank's tardiness - he will make an appearance for the holidays very shortly .. in the meantime - the coat ....

I love this coat - i have had it about 3/4 years - it is Mcqueen and i never ever wear it - maybe once or twice.  You know those fashion rules - large always meets slim - so in theory this should work with a slim silhouette on the bottom - well it doesn't - it finishes at a particularly unflattering point on my thigh and i completely lose my waist etc - i feel unflattered in it shall we say and that is the death knell for me.

Then along came my newly designed by me trousers - i dont know why i tried them with the coat i have just always liked grey and camel and i have to say the coats i thought would work didn't, so out came this little beauty and i felt like i had just stepped out of a Charlie Girl ad - i loved my (to date frustrating) coat, i cuddled it, it became the perfect car coat to my perfect wide trousers.  So next time you have a frustrating piece, ignore the silly rules and try with something unexpected it may well be your best pairing yet xx

Trousers by me, Coat Mcqueen old, pussy bow blouse Hamilton Paris, necklace and bracelet Alex Monroe just purchased in half price preview sale Net a P, Solange Lips Ring, Lanvin large costume pearl ring, Marc Jacobs bag, belt Gucci, sunnies Miu Miu xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wider Strides ...

Firstly, the thing in my hand, a self remote camera thingee that takes your pic, secondly - its cold and windy, my jetty is slippy, visions of husband finding mad fashion wife floating face down in the pond in Prada shoes.  Slightly less dramatic thought, but a fashion disaaaaster no less (for my Brit readers - channel Craig Revel Horwood), the insurance claim for said Prada should i make it out of the pond, i was taking my picture, middle of winter blah blah, hmmmm...  Le Frank was at work, where i should have been although i might add he is a lot less productive once there, pretty much breaking wind and snoring - Frank that is and definitely not Le Fashion.

I have been busy, busy, busy it is the busiest time of year at work and socially and i just dont get five so if i have not got back to you, your comments and wonderful posts - please accept my apologies and note that i certainly will in the New Year.

Now as to one of my little new enterprises, not for profit, ooh i hear Mr wincing at the words, i have been designing and working with a wonderful tailor who i will tell you all the more about soon - the result - the first of the three i have back - my uber wide, uber Annie Hall trousers.

Those of you that know me well will know that my Celine Wedges rarely leave my feet so i wanted to utilise in Winter too with a pair of socks and therein lay my inspiration.  I love the trousers so much and they work so well with the Celines but for today i wanted to give my new Pradas a bit of an outing - a dry outing that is.  To follow later in the week how my new trsrs rescued a coat i never ever wear .... Have a good one my fellow fashion loving friends xx

Not the greatest pic - ignore me its all in the detials - and a glimpse of those shoes ...

I told you wide, wide, wide ....

Trousers - all me, blouse Hamilton Paris (summer sale Matches), Shoes recent Prada, Cardi Balenciaga, Sunnies - yes those Miu Mius - esp for you Ada - spotted Saturday, purchased Saturday, belt Gucci, Bag Marc Jacobs sale bargain summer Matches xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

7 fabulous Fashion and Frank Xmas Facts and one very silly pic

Me thats Fashion for the purposes of this piece

1.  I love Xmas - presents, food, sparkle, parties - missing the overall point, maybe, but hey it definitely is a point

2.  Did i mention presents

3.  'It is in the giving and not the receiving' no in my house it is pretty much in the receiving (lol)

4.  The ability to wear totally and utterly OTT outfits and not appear silly - I know year round thing but this is the silly season so you really can go to town - bad taste has left the building

5.  The perfect excuse to wear sequins (with everything)

6.  The perfect excuse to have your face done by Mac and actually wear it - because totally OTT makeup is a pre-requisite in fact it is a festive obiligation

7. And most importantly a day to remember just how lucky you are to have the very special people/person in your life and i guess that to me really is the point xx

Franks Facts :

1.  He is a dog and he really does not know it is Xmas

2.  Frank likes xmas - why - i like it and he is a bit of a Mummy's boy

3.  Frank likes xmas - why - Leo is coming, Leo is four, Leo gives Frank lots of sausages

4.  Frank, like Mr Fashion and Frank, will not wear his Xmas getup - he trys to tear his to pieces, i fear Mr would like to too ....

5.  Frank does not find charity in his heart and is not kind to his feline brothers, Matthew, Marmite and Chicken

6.  Frank will be bullied by the eldest feline brother - why - because he can

7.  Frank bless his heart knows that every day he loves and cherishes those that love him and that really is the point of him xx


Many of you have asked what i do - well this is one of my yearly tasks, artistic, creative director of one very silly xmas card, concept through to completion - as we say at work - happy jismas xx

Spot the bathroom accessory - extra yuletide points .......

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas, Marie Claire and other nearly the weekend musings

Oooh this is the week that was - busy, busy, busy - are we all like the sprouts in the veg aisle - expiry 25 December??  Having said all that - the lack of camera moments have been pronounced, the waistline is feeling less than flattered and i have a little announcement - Fashion and Frank made it all the way to the big mags - yes blink, you will miss it but we were featured in a rather fab jewellery feature just in time for the hols which is pretty damn cool - and i dont know about anyone else but a little bling has made its way onto my seasonal list...

Yes Mr Fashion and Frank has joined the army of harassed, clearly uncomfortable, other halves who will enter the hallowed streets of Mount, Sloane or Bond lamenting their spoilt wives ridiculous choices - have a very good weekend and see you next week hopefully in that outfit xx

I have no idea as to why i included the cover - i am most certainly not on it but just to up my cred i have ..

Told you dont blink xx

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