Friday, 1 June 2012

God Save the Queen - its Jubilee Weekend

It has been a month and quite some month – there have been some fundamental changes in my life in the last month and with all change you have re-awakenings, realizations and sometimes you just see things a little more clearly.

I went on holiday for the first time in 9 years – no it wasn’t 5 star, it wasn’t glam - it was me, my man, my dog – a very small caravan, a tap and a beautiful piece of land in the hills in Liguria in Italy.  Not me….No…. didn’t think so myself either, but the caravan is stylish, the nearby town is chic and we are in easy reach of Monaco, Cannes and Nice – this was my reasoning.  I hated Monaco, didn’t get to Cannes or Nice and spent my whole time, cooking, cleaning, breathing and I could not have loved it more – came back fitter, re-awakened my love of yoga – long lost with a bad back injury – and my love of good food and wine.  I have a million allergies and food had become a chore to be thrown down my throat to fuel the next mad rush.  I didn’t miss the internet or the telly – in fact the lack of these where what made the holiday totally perfect.

I came home and then there was another fundamental change, we have bought the woodland next to our house – another piece of heaven – baby foxes, birds, air, streams, falls, lakes, deer – you get the picture and all I want to do is be in my woods doing yoga and re-balancing my life – it would seem I am embracing my inner Barbara!

However saying all that I am still Margot and I still love designing, styling and beautiful things but they are no longer the obsession they once were – I have had a massive clearout – I just don’t want a million things that in many ways make my life harder – and believe you me there is nothing like a big ebay to make you think – what a bloody waste of money – I won’t be going mad in the sales – I will be designing and I will compliment those pieces with the beautiful accessories I already have and new ones I will cherish and spend time enjoying buying with no personal pressure to acquire.

Of course all of this has meant I know longer have the time or desire to be on the computer constantly but I miss you and I have always enjoyed the fashion ventures we have shared – so will still be posting and visiting – but not as much and as often but there is no less appreciation of the work we all do for the love of fashion.

Have a very good bank holiday weekend – and in the spirit of patriotic fervour – the red blue and white has got to me – long live Queenie! Xx

My latest fashion and frank offering - silk - top and maxi and what a print - easy, peasy

Gorgeous new Lanvin Sunnies, old bottega bag, love this outfit it goes with every bag and pair of shoes i have virtually - highlight the nude base or pick a colour - sooo many colours - this is what i love with a good print - the ease of accessorising 
We made the back really full and it just moves beautifully

And because it is fashion and frank and he has come home with a rather latin temperament and refused to participate in todays shoot - excuse me - Franco!
Not bad for an iphone - Arma di Taggia - on the coast and my lovely boy
And because i said i had a stylish caravan and i am sure you do not believe me ....

I know not very visible but meet the TAB - holds the landspeed record for a caravan - oh yes - Mr told me that - Mr sourced it - the wine is going to my head - the weekend has started and this uber long post must make up for my lack of previous???  have a very good one xxx

Skirt and Top - my own design, Shoes Valentino Rockstud Gladiator, Sunnies Lanvin, Bag Bottega Venetta, Jewellery - a lot of Marco Bicego and all long loved and owned 

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