Monday, 28 March 2011

The Dress!!

This is the most amazing dress!  Vintage Gianfranco Ferre - original and a
fantastic gift from my lovely friend Nadia who loved and owned it previously.

Nadia has lived my fantasy fashion life - a regular visitor to the alaia
atelier in the 80's, she is both stylish, warm and wonderfully generous ! I
am deeply grateful for this little piece of fashion history that I will love
and cherish and one day pass on to the next fashion generation!  But for now
it is all mine!

When I received the dress I instantly knew that it needed a strong jewellery
statement and recalled the stunning jewellery from the AW10 Lanvin show.  I
took myself off to the amazing boutique on Mount street where the lovely
Lydia and Jesus and I found the perfect pieces.  It was my very own fashion

Added to that I had my trusty YSL platforms and was ready to go.

My perfect Fashion and Frank outfit!!


The Shoot!

I have a newfound respect for models!  It was freezing!  6 degrees with wind chill!  The only one who wasn't cold was Frank!

My trusty PA, Claire, took a break from the norm and became photographers assistant come run over with a puffa and wellies for the day!  She was cold!

My lovely husband became dog distraction stroke trainer for the day and he was cold! The photographer (with coat and scarf!!) was cold!   

I was frozen!

Having said/moaned all that!  It was also fun - they made it a great day and I am really chuffed with the results.

I did not know how I would photograph as I am not very relaxed in front of the camera normally but it went well and I would like to thank them all for making the day and the pics a success!


Friday, 25 March 2011

"Fashion and Frank"

have two great loves in life (apart from the man!) and they are Fashion and Frank.

I must have been 6 years old when we lived next door to the lady with the dressing up box in the loft.  In that box was a flamenco dress. Suddenly I was not the little girl next door but a glamorous lady, having adventures, grown up and gorgeous!  I don't think I ever left that box - the clothes are just [somewhat] less flamboyant!

Frank is my large, canine friend - solid, dependable and just Frank!   

He makes me laugh, cry and sometimes quite cross but he is such a constant joy and I think rather handsome!  So the perfect companion to my dressing up box!

I started this blog to express these two joys and I hope you will enjoy the journey with me x
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