Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Calling all Fashion Lovers!!

Vintage Mcqueen!  given to me by my lovely friend Nadia. 

 Fashion history - Yes! Wearable - not so sure?? 

I would describe this dress as Victoriana, meets goth punk, meets bordello with a pretty edge.  
These are not words i would use to describe myself!  
So herein lies the dilemma - me - huge lover of fashion owning a piece of fashion history 
(I could seriously see this dress in the V&A) (i did see it is beige in French Vogue - what higher accolade could it have) and i dont know if i can wear it???  
It is on Dolly because it is too big for me and needs a tailor, so before i cut into  - i face the dilemma of styling and will i wear it?!

Herein is my shoutout - what would you do with it - would you stick on a pair of spotty tights, Mcqueen armadillos and go all out or would you dress down and if so how??

I have put together a few ideas - which is seriously sad cos i have the day off and the sun is shining and i am playing with dolly, an old dress and some shoes!! xxx

Dress in its unadulterated form

Dress for want of a more literate description 'hoiked'

How high would you go?  Front, back - endless permutations??  The decisions!

Cardi, Boots, Statement ring ??

Big Jumper, Statement Shoe and Seriously McQueen Clutch?!?

All items courtesy of my wardrobe over the years - Alaia boots and shoes serious bargain - i dont think anyone else could walk in them and if ever you see me at 2 in the morning you would wonder if i can??  That is also true of me at 7 in the evening in these!! xx


  1. The first dress is to die for.. and wow for those shoes
    lee x

  2. Wow what a dress. Definitely a dilema - to alter to fit or not, but too, too beautiful not to keep and wear it. Love it hoiked up at the sides. Your tailor has been very successful in the past worth the risk. Love various combination. Valerie in Cape Town xxx

  3. Alaia them sooo much! Dress is fabulous too!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  4. @ Nyanzi - thanks I am no photographer so glad you like it x

  5. Mani - they are gorge - if crippling killers! x

  6. Valerie - the tailor will do a good job they are excellent - now my styling has to hold up to x

  7. Thanks Lee and Michelle - these shoes seem very popular - with me too! x

  8. ok, i am convinced you have the most amazing closet in the world.
    and i actually love the look with the oversized sweater with the mcqueen clutch and alaia statement sandals. it really modernizes the dress, also gives it this casual chic-ness. which (in my head) will look amazing on you. now i can't wait to see this on you!!! xx

  9. This McQ eye candy! I usually belt things that are too big for me but I'm not sure how that would do for this masterpiece. xx from Soleil

  10. Hey Soleil - yeah think it is to the tailor for this one xx

  11. Topcoat - great to hear your opinion in that you are a stylist and i like that one too - i think it modernises and makes it actually wearable - roll on winter! and yes i love my wardrobe too - i literally work to play in it and replenish it but it gives me such joy it is worth every minute - hence the blog! xx

  12. That is an amazing dress. Love how you have styled it too. Xxxx

  13. that's a fab dress! there is endless possibilities with that dress! pair it with a biker jacket and boots for a tough chick look or wear it alone and pair with a dainty heels for a feminine, soft look or maybe put a loose blouse over it so it will become a beautiful maxi skirt..anyway, i love your style! browsed through your posts and i love your takes on fashion. keep it up!
    i'm your new follower..hope you'll follow back! lol..pls visit my site if you have time.kisses!

  14. yes, that dress is definetely difficult, but as you said history! I would wear it with high heels, maybe platform sandals, like in the last picture, and i wouldn't pull it up on the sides (pardon my english) and i also would put a big belt on the waist maybe, i know, hope I helped you!


    My Fashion Bug

    ps. still, show us what you did

  15. You're soooo lucky! What a great friend you have! I'm so jealous!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  16. Thanks @ fashionistable and Wida - i am lucky to have a friend like that x

  17. Dina thanks very much for a great comment i am following back x

  18. Mariale, hope you are feeling better - yes i think un-hoiked too - will def be taking all advice in hand and will show you what i do - always good to hear from you x

  19. First of all! I loved this post!!!!
    I am with you! This dress could be at V&A Museum! Its amazing how you could style it in such different ways...I could never do that!
    My fave is the last one! The one with the big jumper and the clutch...Chic and so modern!
    You are genious!

  20. Thanks so much Change - i am really glad you liked the post - It is my fave too - great comment xx


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