Friday, 6 May 2011

Accessorize all Areas

Title probably another vogue-ism i have picked up over the years and not a bit of witty title-making by me!

I think accessories are the key to all outfits - the most simple tee  and jeans can be made into a thousand outfits with different accessories - so my advice for what it is worth is to concentrate on them - you don't need tons of outfits (fine one to talk) but your accessories do all the talking.

I am going to run this post every week - it helps me hone my outfits and you will see them in the flesh at some point - with the same accessories exactly??  Who knows!

On a more technical note - how hard are still lifes to shoot - do it at work all the time and it takes hours to perfect - (Rob photographer nodding/grimacing to that one).  Didn't have hours so composition could be better but i think the lovely pieces speak for themselves - have a good weekend!! xxx

Necklace vintage, Bag Kara Ross,  Balenciaga shoes a couple of seasons ago, 
Cuff a new purchase from Browns


  1. I love the composition of the first set of accessories the best! The shoes are my favorite, and I like how the necklace is vintage. I always go to vintage stores around my area to find jewelry. Don't forget about accessorizing with trendy sunglasses too!

  2. Thanks Samantha - always like a pair of sunnies! x


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