Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Well a straw hat!  This is what me and Frankie wore to go to Liberty Sale a couple of weeks
 back to get the Celine shoes in the sale - already loved and well worn!  x

Celine wedges, bag, skirt and cuff, 
Market hat, Zara Blouse

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DIY - Breaking News

Not my forte but (i think!) even i could attempt these - soooo cool!!

(True Love!!)

Straight from the menswear shows courtesy of Streetfsn

Clutch Bags - the Options !

I loove a clutch bag but are they the easiest - i mean how to hold - when to wear - oooh the decisions!

The its so precious clutching it to my breast Clutch
( Balenciaga)

The is it a clutch but i am holding it as such Clutch
(Louis Vuitton)

The I have a handle so I am an easy clutch Clutch

How do you wear your clutch?? and do you wear it in the day ?? x


Monday, 27 June 2011

Big Blue Sunnies

What a top weekend - the sun shone and shone and shone !  Boating with friends in Hyde Park -
a date with Mr Fashion and Frank - it was all just top!

Now i would love to post the pics i took but in my hurry to return to the country I left the camera in London.  So you will have to put up with a post I prepped a couple of weeks ago the last time the sun came out to play!

 I was so delirious with joy i put on a very large, very blue, very old pair of sunglasses!  These are not my normal more sophisticated inoffensive choice but hey i always go with the fashion flow! 

Top Fashion tip - a twilly to hold up your jeans if they grow or you shrink!

J Crew Shirt, Hermes twilly, Notify jeans, Celine Bag, Old DVB glasses

Friday, 24 June 2011

Wanna be in my gang!

Now this is Teddy Boy Chic I can relate to! 

And then Teddy Boy meets Glam Rock and i wanna be in your gang x

Fashion felicitations for the weekend xo

Dolce and Gabanna Fall campaign - images Fashion Gone Rogue

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Style this Fall

When i started this blog i did it to meet others who wish to discuss my favorite leisure topic - 
fashion and style in all its forms and of course my love of our favourite fashion friend the pooch!
We all have styles that we are familiar with and feel relaxed in - 
a side effect of my blogging has been that i have been exposed to so many different expressions 
of style that it has made me more and more willing to experiment. 

 I am more classic in my style particularly when it comes to colour and pattern - 
being a brit - black and grey are winter staples!  Well this winter i am bringing it all out of the closet - 
mixing, matching and accesorising to the nth - or at least in my fantasy fashion head i will be - 
you will all be my witness as to what i finally achieve!  

The Story below is utterly inspirational in my new found fashion endeavours xx

Interview Magazine June/July 2011
Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Inspector Gadget

Now i call these a columbo mac but had a comment that made me smile so from now on it will be an
inspector gadget mac!  Again the weather was pretty pants - here's hoping for better this week! x

Top Cos, Jeans old Notify, Mac Golden Goose, Old Chloe Bag, Austrian Hat,
Chloe wedges Net a Porter Sale, Necklace as seen recently Liberty! x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

Spotted Marni in Sussex

The weather has turned decidedly off in England - rainy and cold!  Yeeuch!
Ruining my wardrobe!  Brought these golden oldies out of the cupboard and guess 
what?  I bought another pair of Celine wedges - Tuesday - 1st day Liberty sale - Me,
Mr Fashion and Frank and Frank himself - all made that trip!  

i think i am addicted! xx

Marni Spotty dress - sale last winter at Bluebird, New Celine wedges - hehe total purchasing joy -
Tom Binns diamante rock bracelet - Net a Porter Sale, Old Stella blazer,
Celine Bag as seen many times before, S A P Lips Ring x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Celine Resort 2012

I am so in love with this collection - SS2010 was my highlight year for Celine - i loved it and indulged quite heavily - less said the better - Mr Fashion and Frank being a sometime reader!!

For me Celine then lost its mojo a bit - although still beautiful and wearable something else just always caught my eye and then this collection came along!

This Resort collection was so up my street it was unbelievable - i love every single outfit and would wear them all - i have just picked my very favourite pieces which are by no means all that i liked!

This is me for the week so have a good Friday and a very fashionable weekend xx

The outfit below is good but the shoes - the shoes are chuffing spectacular!! xx

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