Friday, 20 May 2011

Roland Mouret

I have been stuck at home with really bad abdominal pain but this is not the reason for the post.  The reason for it is i was invited to a presentation of the AW collection by the man himself at his new atelier in Mayfair - i had been so looking forward to it - i loved the collection, admire the man - seriously admire, and had a perfect outfit planned - so to say i was really really pee'd off to be stuck at home in pain was no understatement.  Soo always the mistress of distraction i decided to take a look at the collection again and discuss it virtually if i cant be there!

Roland Mouret is the king of the dress - we all remember them, the galaxy, Victoria Beckham, form fitting  and uber flattering but in more recent years his collections have been more fluid less figure hugging but still extremely flattering.  I loved this move and this AW he definitely moved forward again with an easier more day aesthetic and it was these i particularly loved!  So i have put together a selection of my faves - which were yours?? xx

All pics


  1. What an amazing collection. So sad for you missing the launch. Valerie in Cape Town

  2. Yes i am pretty gutted - glad you liked it x

  3. #3 & #4 are my picks! I think Roland Mouret has an interesting story; he tried to work for Jean Paul Gaultier & was turned down, then started his own label, lost his full label name through legal tie ups and still today he's friends with JPG, has star power & designs très chic pieces. Love it! Is it obvious that I heart RM? Apart from that, I hope you are feeling better. ;o). xx from Soleil

  4. Thanks so much for the back story soleil - although i knew about him losing his label and the re-birth of RM i didnt about JPG - really interesting and makes me like him even more - whatever your business the start can be a long and hard one - but you appreciate the end even more - great comment - thanks so much xxx


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