Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cardi's as dresses, and other sartorial musings

Just back from London work is done and it is fab to be home with my boys, and it is London that has inspired most of my multi functioning outfits - i always take loads, wear loads and run out - which should be quite impossible - i am not a light traveller!  but hey believe you me it happens - there is of course always one outfit - normally heavy in both thought and reality, made of many components that never gets worn but that really is a whole different post.  And this is where i have learnt to multi task - this cardi, has been a dress, a cardi and even a scarf - i love a layer - and on that note have a very good weekend - nearly here xx

I often stick to really simple jewellery on my easy days, and i do love a delicate gold bracelet and necklace

This was one of the scarfs my man got me for xmas it is so fab as it ties in browns, blacks and beiges - i absolutely love it and it makes me feel very grown up - laughable i know - i dont know how in my head i am at least 20 years younger! 

 And here he is the lovely boy xx

Marni shearling lined gilet, proenza boots, stella cardi, bottega bag, lanvin scarf, borsolino hat

All pieces from previous seasons updated with a new scarf and hat 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Denim inspo - that not so skinny jean

I eventually succumbed to a bug so after a couple of days enforced nothingness i had time to get off that denim inspo post.  Now i know the skinny is the current staple and beloved by most including on very slim days myself but i have to say it is the not so skinny that works easiest for me - in light of that i am starting this new little series of denim inspo with the one that i love the best - the not so skinny! x

Double denim meets burgundy - great fit too - somewhere between a skinny and a boyfriend

Loving the pattern of the blouse and scarf with the neutral boot and parka

Oh it is so in that turban

Two gorgeous looks - loving the burgundy loafer and tortoise sunglasses that lift the monochrome perfectly

Adore this shot - the contrast of the sandal with the so much more wintery jacket, the knees -  and what a top knot - fab

Sarah Harris, i adore her long grey hair, classic oversized sweater, perfect straight leg fit and a pop of colour in the shoes, the classic clutch and pump that are far from classic

Now this is winter perfection, there are quite a few neutrals in here, the navy of the cardigan that is just seen, the tans, burgundy brown bag, black, white and grey, all blended perfectly and this is the look that most closely resembles my own denim style - pure personal inspiration

I am ending with the classic boyfriend jean styled in its easiest form, monochromatic and very borrowed from the boys 

Images sourced from (in order from top to bottom) :

A love is blind, Vanessa Jackman, Jak and Jil, Fashion Wandering, Fashion Wandering, Dvora at Fashionistable, Julie, Vanessa Jackman

Their are some new blogs as well as the more well known and they are really fab - go and check them out

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

That little surprise

What a week - madness reigns again - so whilst i really want to do a denim inspo post, tell you all about my fave fashionista of the mo - Natalie Joos.  In reality I am knee deep and not getting anywhere - so since i promised here is that little surprise - the lining - isn't it gorgeous - i love those little hidden gems you may only get a peek of or they may be beknown only to you but it is like a fabulous shoe under a long skirt, a wonderful piece of lingerie - those hidden details just make you feel absolutely fabulous - and on that note - have a wonderful week and hope to see you soon xx

and guess what the print is - grey pussy cats - how gorgeous - only Alber could do that in a cool way x

As previously all Lanvin, Borsolino hat 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Fabulous Friday Frankie!!

In the midst of my self portraiting my lovely man popped home with my lovely boy and we have some fabulous true to form Fashion and Frank shots - it felt soooooo lovely to be back with my boys having some fun.

Have had the maddest week at work, 2 am finishes, hair pulling, teeth grinding, madness and then today the sun shone, the weekend is here, at home and the world is all back where it should be. 

Have a very good weekend my fashion friends xx

For those of you who think we are just soo well behaved .......

I think he loves his Mum

Frankie being so so so good x

There is a surprise in this outfit and i will post it on Tuesday - anyone who guesses and there is a clue above ...  fashion points all round, in the meantime - Mummy went to Lanvin - head to toe - all in the sale preview - thank you Roman, barr the skirt which i have had a while and is also, yep, wait for it Lanvin.  Borsolino hat xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Faux fur, shoe sisters and random sartorial musings

It is the fashion and frank faux fur again, i have decided that faux fur is surprisingly warm, surprisingly bulky (why this is so surprising i am not really sure), looks surprisingly real and finally surprisingly so very soft - thats my random musing on faux fur....

I need Mr - all this self portraiture is a) boring b) i miss Frank c) i cut my shoes out and that really is no good at all.  This of course brings me to my new shoes, me, Tabitha at bourbon and pearls and Giovanna Battaglia are shoe sisters - yep - we have all indulged in Valentino's gorgeous rockstud kitten heel pieces of fabulousness - and their surprising fact - they are sooooo comfortable and surprisingly versatile so there you go 2 surprising facts!  And now fab fact (for me) i got them half price in the Net a P sale preview - well worth a looky i think they made the main sale too.

Have a very good weekend xx

How cute is the bum bag - as it is reversed is it now a tum bag???

Damn the reeds but you can just about make out the shoes below

Fashion and Frank faux fur, Fashion and Frank cashmere trsrs, Valentino rockstud shoes, Christian Louboutin bum/tum bag, Zara cashmere crewneck, Miu Miu Sunnies (why - it was windy - they do after all protect the eye ... )

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Connaught, Christmas and a very happy New Year

Hello all, I know i am late to the party but what a fab break i cannot believe it is all over tomorrow.  Xmas was mad, the nephews, brothers in law, sister in law and in laws - a lot of in law but it was fun - the kids were happy, Mr dressed as Santa, Franky pulled a sled of tinsel, and much jollyment all round.  We had a bit of a break thereafter with a long walk at Birling Gap, telly and far too much food - i feel like i will pop.  Then off to London for 3 days at New Year - which was truly fab, this is what i wore to drinks at the Connaught, a trip to the tailors, were we nabbered more than did any work, a fab walk on Frankies fave route round Chelsea and Knightsbridge, oysters at Bibendum and the best NYE at Cheyne Walk - a table of italians, more food, jazz band and far too much champagne culminating in us being accosted by a rowdy group of teenagers who we all had pics with - surreal and a very good start to the year and on that note i wish you all the very very best for 2012 may you be happy, healthy and your dreams come true xx

I have a love affair with the maxi but i like to be able to wear it dress down and a big cardi and boots is one of my fave ways of feeling special but not overdone

I got the maxi in the Lanvin sale preview and it is soo gorgeous all bare shoulders and special 

Got the boots in the sale too - how bloody fab are they - had to share xx

Maxi Lanvin PreFall, Boots Lanvin, Cardi very old Stella 
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