Monday, 25 March 2013

Purpose, meaning and hope

The wonderful Tabitha of bourbon and pearls recently coined this phrase and it spoke volumes to me, i have been formulating what to do with myself over the last 9 months, since you last heard from me properly - life was very stressful workwise last year and to be fair, now that things are on a more even keel, it functions well without me - i no longer feel any great meaning or purpose from it, i will always do what i have to because it provides us with a good std of living but mr does a bloody brilliant job and it is more his baby - what was both of ours - really is now more his and he gets a lot of satisfaction from which is kind of the way it should be.

Which brings me back to me ....  As those of you will know from past posts i have been designing and working with a tailor for the last year, what you may not know is that post leaving school i attended fashion college and trained as a designer with pattern cutting and tailoring as skills - this was a long time ago but i did for my early 20's follow this path and then left it behind one way or another and life went a different way but i have always kept up the skills privately.

The last year has honed them, reminded me how things should be done and re-awakened my great love of design.  Hence i have invested a small fortune with amazon and re-visited a ton of skills with book after book.  The upshot is that this year i have been doing the construction and pattern cutting myself - and although it really hurts my brain - i find i can do it again.  It was suggested to me that i start a collection by various persons last year and this and then i arrived at the above mentioned post and everything that was processing for quite some time became a lot more clear and solid,  so i decided to to finally start a new business, build a brand and work on a collection - pheww!!  I have re-launched the blog to share and soundboard this journey, see the designs working in flesh and photo, thereby adapting and perfecting them and to record my thoughts and visions.

Next post i will be discussing the collection i am working on and the brand i want to build.

And the fact that as a well established business woman i see absolutely no way whatsoever of making a profit - this indeed is my stumbling block - business for love and not money - a whole new concept - who knows?? xxx

And as for Frankie - he will be back with some mr pics next week - bless! xx


Hopefully those pics will be a little brighter - the sun was actually shining ....


Trousers by me, coat Lanvin, hat bates. shoes miu miu, bag chanel, blouse chloe

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Back ...........

Oh it has been forever but at long last, if there is anyone out there, i am back..... back for good??  Certainly for the foreseeable.  Mr two holidays (aka the man, the photographer, the other half and man on holiday) is off on another so i am afraid you will have to suffer my self portraiture.  The following are the ones i didn't cut head or foot off, i have a thumb print on the lense and cannot get the camera of the stand but they are here and i do have another set for next week - wahey!  Have a good week - here's hoping for spring......  Me pale, drawn ....... mr tanned, full of face...... are you spotting a trend of thought .... xxxxx

Cape - my design consisting of sleeveless coat, and detachable cape which then can function on its own - rather proud of this multi functionality, Trsrs also mine, blouse - chloe sale, hat bates of jermyn street, boots chanel soooooo love them, bag briefly seen bottega my xmas pressie of mr tanned and full of face - guess he's forgiven xx

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