Monday, 2 May 2011

Wide Strides!

I love these trousers - Chloe bargain basement about 80% off a couple of years ago - and i looove them!  Sooo wide!  My man not so keen but i think very wide flares may be a little too 'harem' (my mans true hate) for him but hey sometimes it is all about the fashion!! x

 Blouse has pussy cats all over it - which should be sooo wrong but its Miu Miu and soooo very right (last season i am afraid if you love it too!)

Jade bangle a pressie from my Dad in Laos - the only bangle to fit me to date - most are too big but this one is perfect - i have asked for a few more - so thanks in anticipation Dad! xx

Celine wedges and bag all as before, Stella blazer also as before


  1. So right! I'm loving those trousers.


  2. wow, I LOVE those trousers. What a great move to hang on to them and bring them out for s/s 11 - they're dead on! And thanks so much for commenting on my blog - yours is phenomenal, great style & photography. cheers!

  3. Thank you so much for your great comment Taylor - your on my bloglovin - so i am always having a nose! thanks again x

  4. I like my best outfit, the pants is simply the dream because she is so pretty far down, this is an absolute must-have and comes with the matching blazer ... sooo just super 70s

    I wear those pants myself and know what I'm talking as a man and the...I can never get enough of it easy :-)


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