Friday, 27 April 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

It has not stopped - incessant, deluge - and my constant "oh but we need it" echoing forth through the land is quite frankly wearing thin.  And of course, when the weather poses sartorial conundrums, i muse forth...  I dont want to wear black shoes, i want to wear my new spring colours, they do not go with black shoes but i do not have any rain proof other than black shoes - see, fashion conundrum, and then i remembered these really, really old brown dries booties - a tad cowboy-ish, rather long in the length - but retro and i think somewhat cool ( i am not sure i am not beyond cool ) however i am clinging to a vestige. Then i remembered my decade odd old Choo handbag and it all kind of worked with my new, very new, fashion and frank jacket and mint ( i know, i know - trend driven or what) fashion and frank blouse, add my blush miu miu cardi, ubiquitous hat and i think i can brave the weather tomorrow for a day of much needed rest and recouperation - in my case - shopping!  Have a good one xx

These Jeans are fab but i never get jeans that fit me straight away so i took them to Colpani and now they are absolutely perfect - i am now doing this with all my jeans that i buy that are good and never stay that way instead of re-buying i tailor - it is saving me a fortune and it is the way to get that ever so elusive perfect jean.

Kept chopping off either my feet or head but i think you get the idea of the boot ...

I love the way the jacket picks up my eyes really well - and you can really see it in this pic - gorgeous fabric - Joels again.

Blouse Fashion and Frank, Jacket Fashion and Frank, Cardigan Miu Miu, Belt Chloe, 
Jeans Current Elliot, Bag Jimmy Choo, Hat Borsolino, Boots Dries Van Noten

Friday, 13 April 2012

Birthday Rings, Champagne and Pussy cats

It was my birthday a couple of weekends ago and i had a really lovely Saturday, met friends lunchtime and then my lovely man, Frank and i went for a wander up Sloane Street, some mutual shoe shopping and then champagne and nibbles at the Capital - culminating in a cupcake and a picnic at Birling Gap the following day - it was truly fab.  Now i can honestly say i am not that enthralled by another year post 45 but hey i love the pressies and all the lovely people that remember and make it special, not to mention champagne and cupcakes.  So this is what i wore (the sloane street bit, not the picnic!).

Its here my fashion friends so from me to you - have a very good weekend xx

I love a bit of camel - but i like to liven it up a bit so i got these duck egg blue pumps from Ferragamo - i love them - they kind of do the pastel thing without having to do it too hard... mmm? knowing me - watch this space 

This is my birthday pressie from my lovely man - how stunning is that blue and matches my shoes - double lucky me

This is one of Franks feline nemesis's (english??) - my lovely maine coon Marmy - who is old and arthritic and soo very gentle - gentle giant 

Done up - kind of essential with the weather - hot/cold - what is it doing??

I saw this fabric and fell in love with it - then the buttons and you cant see but it has apple green lining - it is really very easy and the cut is perfect (thank you Jackie) I adore the colours but the fabric is a bit of a pig and even though it is interlined twice i fear for its longevity - so i am loving it right now even more 

I liked the way the bag echoes the fabric without actually matching and the pickup of the ring and shoes plus the bangles pick up the colours in the jacket too - just in case you are interested in quite how anal i am when it comes to my sartorial choices 

From behind - what a cut xx

Jacket - Fashion and Frank, Bag Bottega Venetta, Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, 
Trsrs Carven, Cardi Miu Miu, Hat Borsolino

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