Monday, 9 May 2011

Shoe Shopping Saturday!

One of my favourite things shoe shopping!  Whilst me and Allie wandered and chatted we were also looking for wedges - wedges that are comfy to walk - actual walking - a couple of miles walking!  Do they exist??  If they do - a headsup would be very welcome!

What i found instead - was amazing mega wedges suitable for very short trots up the road - but they are so gorge i dont care!

I also managed to get these sold out in my size Zara courts that i have lusted over for quite some time so all in all a very good days shoe shopping x


  1. those wedges are gorgeous! i always find wedges that don't have a high arch are more comfortable - but who am i kidding, i choose sky-high wedges almost every time! (like the prada ones i recently wore on my blog)

    sorelle in style

  2. Looved the wedges know what you mean about the arch - now have to find a pair i like!! - great blog - am following on bloglovin x


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