Friday, 30 September 2011

My love of Erdem

Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time will know quite how much i admire Mr Erdem Moralioglu.  

My love affair with Erdem began with a sales purchase Fall 2008 - a simple but not at all simple 
silk top.  I never looked back - every season i buy something from Erdem, sometimes a scarf and sometimes a piece of full blown maxi knockout fabulousness.  

I often wait for the sales for the more knockout pieces but i always invest because i love his pieces 
so very much.  He is a creator, a Painter and above all an artist. This is a talent i know i do not possess, but a curator, oh a curator this i am - and to be a curator for Erdem over my lifetime - will indeed be one of my never little life's pleasures.

Herewith my favourites from the Spring/Summer Collection - the task was not how to pick them 
but how not to pick them all.  I will be running another Erdem outfit post on Monday and then my 
favourites  from the Resort collection too.  Have a very good weekend. xx

I adore this the little hat, the blue and then the shoes, the length, the little collar - shall i go on ..

Beautiful - maybe not quintessentially the king of print but quintessentially elegant, feminine and easy with the perfect button down which makes this so very perfect 

Lace, Print - how can you go wrong especially with those sunnies - i love the red lips too

Double print and a pleat - again fashion arithmetics the erdem way - definitely my kind of plus

Stunning - loving the lemon - the colour for next summer it would appear

Easy i love the way erdem does a pant so very wearable and yet very standout

Pretty, pretty, pretty

Gorgeous, love the silhouette topped with the perfect topper

Nude with a twist of lilac - sublime

And finally a trench - a perfect trench - will it be a dress, will it be a coat? Either way it will definitely be very, very special and this is exactly how you will feel should you be lucky enough to own this piece x

If you havent seen it previously please do pop ove and read my article on Erdem for

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Say Goodbye to Summer Mr Erdem

My oh my, what has happened to Blighty, it is like the second coming - the second coming of Summer!

And when the sun shines the shorts have to come out and make their final outing and then its hello Mr Erdem you feel so very summery - enjoy it girls and boys the frost will be upon us soon xx

It really is an uphill struggle when your Frank and  it is so very hot x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Celine does Sunnies

Have you noticed the rise of the sunnie ...  no longer the mere preserve of saving our eyes.  Oh No, they are now the accessory of choice, from the outrageous to the sophisticated.  The cat eye, the tortoiseshell, the bright, the round, the small, the large, come summer, come winter this is the accessory du jour.

And this season there is only one sunnie for me - Celine you are rocking my boat ..

Hello Number Two xx

Celine campaign by Jurgen Teller
Images courtesy of Fashion gone Rogue

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas - Elisa Nalin

Elisa Nalin, born in Italy and now firmly ensconced in the French Fashion Scene, Editrix for Crash Magazine, stylist and design consultant.  To my mind Elisa has been one of my favourites this season and last and it is her incredible eye for color that separates her from the crowd.  That and a very fab smile xx

Colour, colour, colour and the ubiquitous pleated skirt - fab length

Love this valentino dress and the styling is quite unique - the bag, bracelets and belt really are unexpected and very special 

To me this is the shot of Milan Fashion week, i love this outfit the shoes and the bag are sublime

Love the striped bold dress and bag, totally enlivening and very much working with the black

Navy and black?? working so well with that pop of red

A colour blocking lesson that is successful and she is wearing it, it is not wearing her 

I love this - the Fendi shoes, pale but such interesting shades and textures - again that bag clutched - fabulous

Images from top to bottom : All the Pretty Birds,, All the Pretty Birds, Citizen Couture, Vanessa Jackman, Stockholm Streetstyle, by Dvora (Fashionistable)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Oh it's another Fashion and Frank Hat

Ooh a little luncheon with Mr Fashion and Frank - very civilised and hey its autumn - so how about browns, a bit of animal print and a hat - so very, very fashion.  And then we have it another Emma Fielden hat - how fab are they??  So very Lanvin and so very much cheaper which is never a bad thing!  Speaking of Lanvin - i got the shoes - loving them - easy walk-y fash shoes - who would have thought it - have a very good week xx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Prada Scream

To date i have seen many pieces i have liked, collections that have spoken to me (Burberry) and then there was Prada, it didn't speak, it didn't shout - it totally and utterly yelled at me, came back and screamed again - this is my collection for SS2012!

The pieces are wearable, flattering, feminine but they have a design edge that i love, the shoes, the jewellery, Maggie handbags, almost mad men references - this is Miuccia at her very finest - girls, form an orderly queue behind me xx

I dont think i can express how much i love this - the leather pleats, colour pallette, length - love it

Hello skirt, hello shoes and i can even go a satin bomber

Beautiful, wearable, flattering

I so struggled to pick which one of these i loved the most so i went for the colour best for me - stunning and don't forget the sunnies

Bodies - so so useful - my dolce ones are worn so very very much and what they do to the figure ..

Oh the red skirt, the shoulder detail, the pink top - excellent

I love these bodies so much i am having another one - so so special 

Have a very, very good fashion weekend - outfit post delayed by Prada deliciousness but soon to follow on Monday x

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas - Taylor Tomassi Hill

This week i am looking for inspiration, personal inspiration and i am looking for right now  

Taylor Tomassi Hill is one of my all time faves, style and accessories director for Marie Claire US, 
she knows how to work an accessory like none other.  What i love about Taylor, her style is always her own, she is above all else an amazing stylist.  She is never overdone but always standout.  

You can't pigeonhole her style yet it is very much her own.  She has previously described herself as a
 "clothing chameleon" whose style is always evolving and i think that is what makes her so very special in my eyes - 
this winter Matthew i want to be ...... Taylor Tomassi Hill!  

I never thought a white cardi could be stylish but it is working on so many levels and this 
lady knows how to do a clutch

Love the thick tights, the length of the skirt, the neutral palette and standout clutch

It is all in the fit of that Burberry leather - superb oh and that gorgeous blue

Its not just the amazing yellow balenciaga skirt it is the shoes and the tights are spot on

Skirt length, skirt length, skirt length, flats and leopard - inspiration - Hello!

The collar is truly and utterly fab not to mention the red 

Love the pencil skirt with the OTK boot - a look i have been known to favour - keeps the line clean -
 no tight to go wrong with 

I am not particularly a denim girl but here i so am - and just for you Ada, how are those glasses!

Finally and never last, a detail shot, to end all detail shots - how to work a Lanvin cuff by day

Images courtesy of : from top to bottom : Streetfsn, Streetfsn, Streetfsn, Streetfsn, Streetfsn, Streetfsn, Streetfsn, Jak and Jil, Jak and Jil

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Fashion Week through the eyes of Mr Fashion and Frank

Phew! 5 to sit down and say hello - well the man was a little saint at LFW - it was mad - 
a picture posing frenzy - a tad overwhelming but bloody good fun.  The ever patient Mr F&F was
there clicking away at Mrs Fashion (there was no Frank - a wise decision i feel!)  And i guess he came over all photographer and took these too!

Very chuffed to meet the fab David at Nyanzi Report and the delightful Dvora at Fashionistable - there was a top atmosphere and the fashion was so very special - on and off the catwalks -
we're doing it for the Brits - happy midweek to all xx

Me, Dvora (btw i love that bag) and the gorgeous Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

I don't know who she was but wow she looked so fab 

Fab Blogging girls 

 Very MKA

Love her hair and that pop of green

Celine and that gorgeous blue - stunning 

Loved the 'paper' girls - gorgeous!

and finally - the future of blogging?? xx

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