Friday, 1 July 2011

New Shoes

I am a shops dream - it is official!  
Last Saturday whilst waiting for friends on Sloane Street with the man and the frank - 
i popped into sergio rossi - just for a seconds look whilst waiting.  
Well they were late, the sale was on, what could i do - got these total beauties half price!!!  
Bargain! well as my man pointed out only a bargain if they started out well priced 
but in my fashion loving, shoe adoring world they were a good buy!  

Have a wonderful weekend - Blighty the sun is shining!!  xx

Zara Playsuit last summer, NEW SHOES - sergio rossi, last season Celine handbag, 
very old rick owens vest, Celine sunnies and cuff again  xx


  1. Nice pics :)


  2. Lovely outfit, Claire. The bag is gorgeous! Still no sunshine on my end, only dark clouds, but I'm hoping for better days this weekend. :) Ada

  3. Your new shoes are AMAZING! I think I might be in love with them :)


    Fashion Fractions

  4. Hi.
    Nice dog ;)
    Lovely outfit.
    Your blog is so very very interesting.

    I follow you...
    You follow me? if you still aren't.

  5. Hi!! You look so beautiful! You are so gorgeous!!! Your blog is just amazing! I am now following!!! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like :)

  6. in love with your shoes!!! :)

  7. The shoes look like candy, literally! Sweet!! Love 'em. The entire outfit is fab. Always love how you put it together! And love your sheer top too. xx from Soleil

  8. Great outfit. Love the bag - my style and the colourful shoes are great with the whole outfit. Stunning my dear!! Lorra luv from me!

  9. Fabulous shoes and awesome bag :)

  10. Love those shoes--the color, the stripes--you must tell your man that you not only scored a deal, but an ultra chic one at that! Hope you have a wonderful weekend--in those shoes, I'm sure you will!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. ouch love this perfect look! the blouse and the shorts are like floating around your body and they make your look so feminine. love the shoes because the color really pops up. gorgeous bag! always love seeing your dog

  12. i love your wedges and your blog is full of elegance and photos of your dog! :) so sweet! i love it :) I am following you now, hope you follow my blog too! :) i love to hear more of you soon..
    thank you so much!

  13. Your Sergio Rossi Wedges are AMAZING!!!

  14. very very cute!
    love your new shoes. :)


  15. love them, a very good buy indeed!
    have a great weekend!
    My Fashion Bug

  16. So happy that the sun is shining for you. It's a beautiful day. I love your new shoes, & obviously the beautiful bag. It looks like it expands. Enjoy!xo

  17. PS- Hi Claire! What did you think of Kate Moss' wedding (dress)?! Another simple one like Kate Middleton, I think. Talk soon. Have a FAB weekend. xx from Soleil

  18. Your shoes are sooo cute!! *.*

  19. You look so great! How is it having a dog that big? lol i have a tiny Chihuahua..

    All the best, Angel

  20. loving your bag!!!

    Come follow my blog hun:)

  21. Love your shoes!!! Amazing wedges!

    Come follow my blog hun:)

  22. I like your new shoes, they're pretty, pretty! What did Frank say about them?:)


  23. I love your new shoes hehe

    BVut your bag..its amazing :)


  24. Ohhhh, amazing shoes.. They are SO you! xx

  25. They are me topcoat - that is exactly what the girl in the shop said - she has met me a couple of times!! x

    Thanks Sara x

    Aura - Frank said Woof!! x

    Thanks Cecylia - both times x

    Angel - just a chihauha plus size and not as brave!! x

  26. Thanks Taio, candygirl and yoli x

    Soleil - loved it - sent you a mail x

    Fashion Tales - it is all surface lovely bit of design with no actual purpose but to look good! x

    Mariale you too xx

    Antonia me too x

  27. Linds they are top - soo stoked x

    Lovely B - sure have x

    Thanks Mrs K- really great comment xx

    Mary Jo - i really did - good to hear from you x

    Thanks Mum xxx

    Thanks Michelle Lee and Vintage processx

  28. Thanks Soleil - top comment - it is an all in one loved it the mo i saw it and Zara are always a good buy x

    Belinda me too x

    Kassandra thank you and have done x

    hoopy style sure have x

    Make my day - thank you x

    and btw you all make my day - thanks for the great comments xxxx

    Neris - thanks so much xx

    Ada - hope it shone for youxx

  29. i've been looking for shoes just like yours by the way:) I am so happy you followed back! :) love to read more of your posts soon!
    have a great day!

  30. Thanks so much lovely B look forward to it x

  31. Oh my God! This shoes are amazing!
    And you look very pretty!

    follow: :) if you want :)

  32. Hi!Your blog is cute)
    I follow you!
    Follow me?

  33. Heey, you look just stunning:)

  34. Ania and Alino will do x

    Kotryna thank you x

    David - i like that one too xx

  35. Wow. amazing shoes!
    And I could steal your dog! :D

    As I Like It

  36. i'd say it was a great buy!! love the color.

  37. Hello hunn ^_^
    I like your blog, an I totally love this post <3 Check out my blog and if you like follow me please, cutie <3


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