Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dolce Date with Mr Fashion and Frank

This is my birthday pressie that i mentioned some months back in April - i loooove it!  Feel so lucky to own such a gorgeous outfit - obviously came over all girlie looking at all the twirling!

Franky found a ball belonging to a neighbouring London dog and there was no way the tealeaf in him was letting go of that so posing was really not going to occur!

Had an amazing night with the man and felt very special x

Dolce Body and skirt, Dior super wedges, vintage bag,
Marco Bicego jewellery 


  1. Amazing outfit and great wedges! <3

  2. Black is so timeless. Very nice outfit, Claire! xo Ada

  3. Definitely girlie!! You look great and nice weather to wear such a super outfit. Frank obviously prefers his ball to modelling! Hope weather will be hot again for you. Luv, M xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit!! Amazing wedges!! I love it!!

  5. i love your dress!

    im following you now, hope you could visit my blog too! :)


  6. Aww, you look beautiful as ever!! A dress can bring out the girlie girl in you right?! Wow, looks lovely and I'm so looving those shoes! And I'm laughing at Frank and that ball (lol) xx from Soleil


  7. Thanks Marella - having a wedge summer! x

    Thanks Ada - it is classic and classically Dolce too x

    Thanks David and Topcoat x

    Oh that ball was popular Mum xx

  8. No prob Carina x

    It so can Soleil i literally felt like swishing all night! xx

    Thanks so much Anula x

  9. Just love your outfit. Even if it is girlie in feel, black is always sophisticated too and it suits you perfectly! I'm sure Franky agrees, it's almost as if he's saying, but of course, now let me get on to more pressing matters like my ball!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. I thought it was a dress, is so lovely, and with those shoes, a perfect look for sure. My favorite one so far!
    My dogs get crazy with balls too..

    My Fashion Bug
    ps. i will keep on doing the "get the look" actually I loved doing it!

  11. Thanks Mary Jo - the black stops it screaming girlie i couldnt agree more - felt so good x

    Thanks so much Mariale - i know balls and that one squeaks and is not his - total love on his behalf! and i am so glad you are sticking with it - i love it and that you did shows!! x

  12. God in heaven! WOW! You look so, so, so amazing! Gorgeous! Lovely!

    this wedges...! <3 luv!


  13. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
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  14. you look amazing in a black dress, not many people do, love the movement! so fabulous that you are not wearring simple black shoes. they look bold and perfect for summer, you guys look amazing

  15. Claire, the outfit is sooo pretty! And don't worry, we love Frank even if he's not posing:)

  16. Wow Ania thanks for liking it that much - very flattered x

    Fabritzia will do x

    Mrs K - thank you and like you i like the unexpected touch x

    Thanks Aura - i love that you are such a good frank fan xx

  17. beautifull dress, beautifull shoe, the whole look is great.


  18. This is definitely one of your best outfits! From head to toe you look perfect!
    OMG I just can't stop looking at you!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  19. Thanks glam fashionista x

    Thanks so much Mani really glad you like it x

  20. Thats an amazing dress! Hey great blog very creative. Could you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor! Thanks so much!

  21. i don't know how many times i've said this...but your blog is my favorite amongst them all! frank is my brothers name, and rottweilers are my ALL TIME FAVORITE dog breed! (not to mention, i also have a love for fashion, too!) your outfits are always so classy and put together SO well! that outfit is gorgeous, and you look amazing in it!!


    sorelle in style

  22. Lovely outfit, those wedges are so cute!

    xx - Lera


  23. Shelby will do x

    Sally thank you so much - very pleased to hear it xx

    thanks hyacinth girl x

  24. I like your blog, really cute and you are pretty Check out my blog and if you like follow me please, cutie :x

  25. Amazing, amazing outfit. No wonder you feel so special, it's just gorgeous and you wear it well. Those wedges are beyond dreamy! I totally get uber-ball-focus...
    Dressology HQ

  26. Love love love your shoes !

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