Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Logo Mania

Now i am not a logo mania girl but this brought a very large smile to my very hungover face this morning - lets start off the week in a fashion fabulous way girls!! xx

Marie Claire Italia courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. Trust the lady enjoyed her weekend;-)
    I love the scarf in this picture. I bet it's silk. The dress is equally stunning too. xx

  2. Not sure if my comment went through there but if not...

    I'd like to click clack my way round a pool in that - cocktail in hand.

  3. Oh the lady did - and the lady is now wishing she hadnt (well not really - always have to pay the ferryman...) xx

    Click, clack, cocktail - lanvin - hello dream life!! xxx

  4. Logos are OK if they come from Lanvin and in this way ;)

    Happy start of the week!

    xx PvdH -designer and illustrator

  5. I luv your blog and Frank is delicious...thank u for sharing!

    I FOLLOW U, FOLLOW me back if u like Charm!


    IdaLinda K.

  6. I am not a big fan of logos either, but like this, it looks good, so now someday, like this i'll do it...
    have a great week!
    My Fashion Bug

  7. I follow you back!

  8. This is different for Lanvin, yes? I'd rock it. Looks vintage in this photo shoot too. Being on silk (looking) material here makes is tastier, perhaps. Hope you had a lovely liquid weekend, lol. Champagne all around? xx from Soleil

  9. so true paolo x

    Like this i would do it too Mariale x

    thanks Change good to have you back x

    topcoat - i looove it too x

    Soleil - it is a departure and one i surprisingly love - it is sooo ott that it becomes tasteful and tongue in cheek - plus as you said the exquisite fabric just oozes taste and yes it was and that was Saturday - nothing sunday and still have hangover??? age?? xxx

  10. I love this long and elegant dress!

  11. This logo dress is so perfect for summer cocktails and pool parties! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Fabrizia me too!! x

    Mary Jo - it is now xx

  13. now that's eye-catching and beautiful!

    p.s. what did i tell about going easy on the vodka...?

  14. David - you have no idea!!!!!!! xx

  15. I understand, I too am not a full-on logo lady, but this photo is sort of amazing, because the logo is creating such a striking pattern almost not having (so much) a logo aesthetic at all. beautiful photo. Happy Monday lovely.

  16. great shot! i´m not a logo fan but i love art and this picture definitely is!!!

    love and kiss,mary

  17. I don't have anything against logos as long as they are classy and modest.

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  18. It's fantastic! :)

  19. Hello dear!
    I'm Susan. I'm from Brazil (doesn't matter).
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! =D
    I'm following you!

    Kisses ^-^

  20. This is such a clever photo! I didn't even realize the logo was the print of the dress! xoxoxoo

  21. wooow, i like this photo a lot!!and the dress is so stunning!

  22. I just came across your blog and i'm obsessed! :)

    Your newest follower


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