Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Alaia by Day

My man will laugh at this title - my lovely friend Rob at Matches once bumped into me in Notting Hill and in his own inimitable fashion announced "ooh alaia by day!" which he was entirely correct about!

Ever since if ever i wear Alaia by day we both have a grin - no-one could announce Alaia by day quite like Rob! x

So it is a week of skirts - Erdem and now Alaia - i bought this last season and it is a really easy piece not to mention seriously 'flippy' in the way that only Mr Alaia could do - his pieces are truly amazing - the dresses give you a waist like no other - i consider myself exceedingly lucky to own a few of his pieces.

Now i know i am going to get asked where Frankie is - he was indoors as it was hot and i dont like tying him up outside places when it is hot as i might not be able to see him - i am of the illusion that someone might want to pinch him!  So how's about a seriously cute puppy pic in his adult absence xx

His first day with us - Bless!!!!! he was so diddy x


  1. Alaia by day rocks!!! And I adore how you wore it with a basic white blouse! Love it, love it, love it!

    Baby Frankie was the cutest thing!!!!

  2. I had to close my blog since someone has entered my mind, I deleted the blog entries and broken, I just open another, you feel like helping me, follow me?? Thanks, RA

  3. I am a die-hard fan of Mr Alaia (I'm not sure if you saw the post on my blog)

    You are def wearing it just the right way. And my little cocker spaniel puppy was also in doors!

    xx PvdH - a fashion designer's virtual mood board

  4. Seen it Paola and found it so interesting your pictures were very special x

    thanks Luna Love

  5. Gorgeous skirt- love the pics on the zebra crossing!


  6. This outfit is just amazing! I love these pictures.
    I have given you a blog award! Check out my blog to see it.


  7. You look amazing and your Frankie looks very cute.;)

  8. You look fantastic, as to say it comes very naturallly to you- Love it! Alaia by Claire, I think! Frank looks sooooo adorable!! xx from Soleil

  9. easy outfit....gorgeous! Franks looks so cute in that pic!


    My Fashion Bug

  10. OMG!Frank was adorable puppy!!! So cute! I love the way you look in a short skirt and how you always wear a hat that matches perfectly with your outfit. And thank your for your comments - you are the best!
    Ask Erena

  11. i love the hat:)awesome!!

    patchwork à porter

  12. Casual chic - what more can I say. You look superb! And Frank is nearly as adorable as four month Seamus, who is doing his best to torment his older, half brother, Monty!! Luv, from Cape Town

  13. Lovely photos and loved Frankie!

  14. A new puppy! He's adorable! And you are so right about Alaia--nobody gives up their pieces, they just fit too well. Alaia by day--that would be a great title for a blog. Hilarious!

    xo Mary Jo

  15. Mary Jo they are amazing and forever - the new pup is the old one i am afraid or not as the case may be - but they are so damn cute when they are little x

    Thanks Alexandra x

    Thanks Mum x

  16. Erena he is too too cute and thanks for your great comments x

    Thanks Mariale he was too tooo cute x

    Thanks Soleil - top comment frank is sending a high five xx

    Thanks Sharda x

  17. Thanks Michelle x

    Meera that is most kind thank you x

  18. that puppy is so adorable!! great blog you have

  19. You look so gorgeous! Such a cute outfit, especially the skirt :) I love your "crossing the street" photos ;)


    Fashion Fractions

  20. Aww! I love that you have a whole "thing" about Alaia. And it's so true, he makes really great pieces due to tailoring and style.

  21. Love the summery outfit! Love the hat!

    <3 Kelly

  22. Oh wow...well, I was in love with the skirt, but then you followed it up with the killer puppy shot and now I'm TRULY more in love. Dear Frank. Just beautiful. I agree, leave him home in the cool.
    Dressology HQ

  23. Thanks David that is a really cool comment x

    Thanks Kelly and L i do have an alaia thing - he is geniusx

    Thanks Neris - it is a great way to get pics x

    Francesca he was the most gorgous pup x

  24. Sada - i am glad you agree and we are both super in love with the Frank!! x

  25. 2nd picture is adorable, it reminds me of sarah jessica parker in sex and the city!

  26. i must say that i am very much in love with this look. the pale colors look amazing on you. the photos are so fashionable, one of your best shoots. the hat is the absolute finishing touch.

  27. What a cute dog! So sweet!

    And you look amazing! Once again! :)

  28. They're so damn'cute when they are little. I so want dog, but I have to be patient.
    I had all my life dogs as well as cats, so not having them is hard.
    Some of our friends giggle about us and are sure that only thing that is missing in our life is a baby.
    Hmm.. I'm not so sure about that.
    You look amazing. I adore your sense of style. Your photos are so great, love this walking photoshoot.

    xoxo Ra

  29. Loving the walking shots as I said before. 1st hot very Beatles inspired. Great look. I so get that you would not want to leave Frankie tied up and just walk away. Such a cute puppy pic. Xxxx

  30. Beautiful outfit! How adorable is the puppy picture, they grow sooo quickly!

  31. Love your look--and your dog is beyond adorable.

  32. You look so chic and refined, Claire! The beautiful skirt fits you so perfectly and I always find a smart outfit paired with ballet flats so stylish. :)

  33. Love the dog ! so cute!

  34. Nice blog dear!
    im following both google connection and also via bloglovin. Hope you do the same :)
    Dress up for armageddon

  35. Great outfit and photos and your pup is to die for!

  36. Your outfit is great, I love the skirt especially! And about Frankie...his cuteness is beyond words:))

  37. The first image is so beautifully captured.
    And Frank looks so chic too;-)

  38. Pop champagne that is quite the compliment x

    Mrs K - i am really glad you like them - i think they really did work x

    Thanks Ania x

    Ramona they are a big decision but when it is right it is so right x

    Fashionistable - i am glad you agree i think some think big dog he would be fine but there are bad people out there x

    Red See dont they just x

    Style Canvas thanks from both of us x

    Ada - i like them too and so easy to stride in!! x

    mesconfessions - thank you x

  39. Flaviana will do and thank you x

    Mode de Ru - he is x

    Aura you are suhc a big frank fan = i love it x

    Thank you Fashion Art and other fancies- great to hear from u again x

  40. looove this classicly chic and preppy look - your outfits keep getting better and better xx

  41. that outfit is absolute summer perfection! i think frankie might possibly be one of the cutest babies ever! (don't tell my choo choo!)

  42. I soo love your outfit!! Alaia by day till night!!! So chic!!!


  43. Such a cool comment thanks blacksandbrights x

    Linds i think so too!!

    Ionna it always is - have alaia have wings x

  44. Love the outfit, your dog is adorable :).

    Sadie x


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