Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Flower Power

Well the Erdem skirt is turning into quite the little blogging epic!!  But hey it is quite the skirt!

Now if you have seen the last 2 posts you will know this one followed the first and the second was a little impromptu extra thanks to one of my lovely readers.

I am still chuffed that me and Giovanna share such an epic piece - so if you havent seen it - the last 2 posts are all goodys dedicated to one super skirt!! x

Here comes the previously prepared piece

Yesterday I posted this print in the form of a skirt - i adore the double floral combo here.  
Mixing your florals is so this season and i love it !  

I posted about mixing your print previously in May with my floral and stripe post (quick reminder above) and even my Dolce white skirt post had the floral and stripe trend if rather monochromatic!  

What is your favourite print clash - spots and stripes, double floral, floral and stripe, spots and floral??  let me know your thoughts and if you can think of anymore print combinations for us to try on this fashion Tuesday i would love to hear about them .. x

ps how about the erdem skirt with a lace white shirt - have this combo and think i might be trying it soon - watch this space xx

Image Costume July 2011 courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 


  1. Me encanta la combinación de rayas y flores monocromáticas de tu última foto!! Es mi favorita!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  2. Love your shoes!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!


  3. I love the combination of stripes and floral it's gorgeous and a little grungey which I adore!


  4. It is seriously hard to pic one mix but I do think stripes with florals are divine. You see what you've done, the blog-o-meter is blazing. Lol. xx from Soleil


  5. Thank you marcella and Fabrizia x

    Sarah - that seems to be the most popular and i love it x

    Thank you so much soleil - i smile every time i get a comment of you - and that is one hell of a good thing!! x

  6. Great looks! Love the first one the most I guess, though they look all fabulous :)

    xxx London

  7. Mixing stamps is so hard...Loved your stripe/floral combo though!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!!

  8. I love floral and stripes but still haven't wore it... :)


    Fashion Fractions

  9. I love spots and stripes, Rivera meets the 50's! Very lovely look!

    I adore that picture of you with the striped top and cream skirt= WOW! Even the hat, it all looks like it was made for each other! You look like Kate Moss!

    Girl about Town XxX

  10. I usually don't mix prints, i know, i am no brave enough i think :) but i love how stripes and floral look!
    I think your floral skirt with lace shirt will look perfect... I wanna see!

    My Fashion Bug

  11. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I would kill to have these pieces in my closet.
    I have seen quite a few bloggers combining stripes and florals, and I love the way it looks. I don't know if I would have ever thought about combining them unless I had seen the pictures!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Bonnie - what a top comment - expresses exactly the joy of blogging x

    Thanks Mariale - you go there and yes i will post soon x

    Girl about town that is quite a compliment - thank you so much x

  13. Neris - you would look good x

    Change thanks always a pleasure x

    Mad Twins glad you like them x

  14. love them both but i must say that the last picture is amazing, you look like a true blog star. the skirt combined with the shoes is just amazing. fabulous summer look

  15. Thanks Mrs K x

    David to the point and in my opinion spot on or floral on as the case may be!! x

  16. Stripes and animal print; checks and animal print - lately everything goes with animal print, of course in temperate shades and matching colours. Otherwise, would be a mess!


  17. Floral + floral, and stripes + tripes. Absolutely love the third look - stripes with more stripes, white Dolce, and Celiene platform sandals. I say genius xx

  18. Aura - yes the old animal print - definitely a print i am very happy with - i like animal and floral too x

    Topcoat - double stripe - yep and double floral - like it x

  19. You have such an amazing style! The last outfit with the striped top and the white skirt is absolutely gold! xoxoxxoo

  20. I think florals and stripes can be fun, haven't tried the mixing of stripes, but I'd like to soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. I think the lesson for today is just mix it up. When you wear it so well it just works. Xxxx

  22. i love florals and stripes - just did a similar post on them actually your outfit is amazing - that photo of you in the skirt walking looks like it came straight off of jakandjill xx

  23. My favourite print combination would be stripes awith polka dots. Loving your outfit with florals paired and stripes, what a sense of style, Claire! :)

  24. I adore stripes with florals. Honestly, I've never tried the double floral but the photo is inspiring! I wonder if I can pull it off?? I might need you and your amazing eye to supervise...
    Dressology HQ

  25. Fashion Cappucino thanks so much , Mary Jo i know i like mixing stripes x

    It sure is very aptly put Fashionistablex

    blacksandbrights - that is quite the compliment x

    Ada stripes and spots are a gorge combo - so classic - i am so into mixing my prints at the mo - this post and all the feeback has really inspired me x

    Sada - i am wondering too- we can help each other on the blogoshpere!! x


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