Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shopping in my wardrobe!

I don’t know where I first heard this phrase but at a guess it is one of the many vogue-isms I have committed to memory!  Flat equals fat being another !!  My back thanks you for that one Vogue!
I wore this outfit to meet my lovely friend, Lou, a couple of weeks ago and the chief photographer (my man!) forgot the camera!  Had a terrific day, lots of shops, girlie chat and bubbles at sunset with my man, Frank and Lou.

I have the day off today and between frying myself (summer has come to England) – (I know major guilt but I love the sun!) I thought it worth self portraiture  to show this outfit and whilst doing it I started to ring a few changes!

The boots in this series of shots are at least 10 years old from Robert Clergerie but have been well looked after by londons best cobbler, Classic Shoe Repairs.  The jacket is Chloe and again old – about 5 years – I had it tailored as I have lost a bit of weight in the last couple of years (Atelier Colpani – the best tailor going – absolute geniuses!)

The boots reminded me of the marant ones of the last couple of seasons and the coat has been re-issued, slightly different cut and colour but to be honest I still love mine. 

I then tried the same upper with  a pair of flared jeans and an old pair of marni platorms – which also worked.  At this point I decided they were too good to be hidden so took some more with the skinnies again with the platforms.

There is not a single new piece here – even the bracelets are a decade old and the top is also 3 years old

I love wearing these pieces again, which is your favourite? x


  1. Love the outfit. The coat is great, styling good and brown a colour that goes with just about anything. Really like the cap-sleeve blouse. Great choice of outfits!

  2. It is very versatile - this season they have done it in beige - which is also nice but would probably mark in about 5 seconds! x

  3. My favourite would be the skinnies with the boots. The boots are practical for walking the dog and much better looking than my Uggs! lol! I know Uggs are ugly but for walking the dogs in the winter, you can't beat them ;)

  4. I know cant beat them in winter for practicality x


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