Sunday, 24 April 2011

Go To Summer Staple

I bought this maxi dress last summer and have worn it to death.  It is so easy – a great neutral which can be worn with flats or wedges.  I love the side pockets, the silk does not crease – I can drive 2 hours into London and still get out of the car looking fresh – normally tracky bottoms and a change of clothes are the way to go!

The great thing about a maxi for me is that at the beginning of summer my legs are less than tanned and although I have been pleased to see the resurgence of paler legs I don’t actually like my legs very much pale!

So unless I lived in a hot country, took a lot of foreign holidays, liked fake bake (yeeuch) or sunbeds (shudder) in the UK a maxi is a majorly good staple! xx

Last season balenciaga maxi, Celine wedges - major bargain - fashion does relief about 70% off, Chanel Handbag - colour gorgeous, YSL bracelet, Armlet - bought by my mum for xmas, Sunnies vintage porsche 


  1. Great outfit. Love the wedges - not usually my style but those are!!! Especially like the leather thong/gold charm wrapped around upper arm. Your mother has great taste!!!

  2. Now i wonder who this can be miss anonymous!! x

  3. A pleasure to watch you !!! Add to Watchlist :)) I also invite you to me:)))

    PS.I love your shoes!!!!!!!!! :D


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