Friday, 22 April 2011

Inspired by Nature

These flowers come out every year - i havent a clue what they are - but they are so verrry pretty! x

How wonderful is the weather - Go England - very, very rare!

Balenciaga Dress from a couple of seasons ago - gorgeous colour, Giuseppe Zanotti heels again about 2 years ago, various jewellery all old - necklace Missoni 


  1. Every inch of you looks amazing in this post! The nail polish color, the GORGEOUS dress, the fabulous jewelry and the killer heels. Hair up looks great with this style. Love this! I'll be following. xx from Soleil

  2. I love the hair up too - thanks so much for your comments x

  3. I am fond of you anyway!!!!

  4. You are so fabulous!!! LOVE this combination, utterly amazing!


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