Sunday, 24 April 2011


Matthew is a very special little chap – this post is especially for my old friend Anle and my mum – both of whom will remember Matthew in his infancy in Africa.

Tatty was destined for the pot – and I couldn’t have that so I rescued him and his mum, who sadly did not survive.  My husband just kept repeating he is going to the welfare, we are going back to England and he can’t come! 15 years on and he is firmly here after a rather large quarantine bill (my man’s motivation I am sure for him not coming).

If they could bottle Matt there would be no wars – not because of his gentle passive nature but that he would annihilate the enemy in one blast – if they could bottle him he would be the new nuclear deterent!  Heaven and hell in one – we could not love him more!  xx


  1. Love photo's of Matthew (Tatty!) he is such a little character and the photo's of you both together are delightful. Lorra luv from a very cold Cape Town!!

  2. He is the best! from a very sunny england xx


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