Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sergio Rossi Cuff

My lovely friend, Anle, asked for a close-up of this cuff from one of my earlier posts.  Miss Le and i met fifteen years ago when we were both living in a tiny town on the southern coast of Africa.  We were definitely the style queens - with our weekly friday afternoon trips to George ( an only slightly larger town) to spend the weeks wages!  Fond memories my friend! xx

I loved the cuff when i first saw it in press and thought the matching choker was amazing too - if a bit pricey!  Getting loads of wear from the cuff - in the ads they show it as a matching pair and i really liked the look but wonder if it is a bit too high fashion for day to day wear - what are your thoughts?


  1. In lovE!!thank you for the close up....not sure if I would wear the cuffs as a pair.. one is just heavenly.. a piece of art on the move

  2. I think you are right - almost distracts as a pair - xxx


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