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Fashion and Franks Top Tips - a New Season

Now i am not entirely sure that this 100% qualifies for a top tips post but it is how i prepare for the new season ahead.  Come this time of year i am thinking of the upcoming autumn and soon to be winter.  The shops are full, I have perused the collections, the September issues are out and i am fully inspired.  It is at this point, head spinning, that i begin to rationalise.

And here is where i start - what do i have, what did i wear a lot last year, who do i want to be, what is my budget and how is it best spent.  What do i have - here i have a good sort out - if it works for this year pull it, remember it, do not re-buy it!!  What did i wear a lot - daywear.  Do i want to be wearing exactly the same again - no, but do I want to work it in and adapt it yes.  Now i come to the fun bit who do i want to be - well i am keen on borrowing from the boys, colour, burgundy, pattern, pops of brights, 70's.  I now have my plan - i will be concentrating on daywear - i walk - a lot - therefore i start with my new season shoe.  This is what i will base my entire winter day wardrobe around.

I am in love with the Lanvin loafer - this is my shoe - flattering, easy to walk in but a bit of height - this is my perfect shoe.  The silhouette shown in the show works on me, i have a lot of pieces that fit this silhouette.  When i decide on a silhouette i always make sure it is one that suits my body - if you do not look good in a shape - don't buy into it, it will always wear you and not the other way round.  No matter how good it looked on Kate, Naomi whomsoever you will be the one wearing it - make sure it suits or move on to something that does - there is always so much choice and you dont need to do something just because it is the current 'trend' set your own.

This shoe also works well for my borrowed from the boys theme - i fit Zara trousers well - that will be a saving, but if i see a top 3 piece trouser suit - it will be on my list.  I liked the Paul Smith silhouette - again the shoes work and i already have a lot of the pieces needed but i will be buying a mans tie and braces to complete this look.  One pair of shoes - a lot of looks - all working in with what i have and now i have a plan of what i want to buy.

I have a pair of burgundy  and a pair of black knee high Celine boots  - these are going to form the 2nd of my winter day looks.  I intend to wear them with knee length and midi skirts.  For me burgundy will work well with grey, white and black and it is with them i will also mix autumnal colour.  This is also were i am going to fill my 70's theme, think Cagney of Cagney and Lacey, think Chloe pre-fall, think Gucci.  As you can see it is all in the shoes for me.

I won't budget for eveningwear - i have a lot so i tend to buy it in the sales or on the Outnet, when i see it, if the price is right and it suits, i buy it - there is nothing worse than trying to find something for a do and traipsing town not finding it, also it tends not to date and it is pricey so better bought at discount.

By now i have a plan formulated, i make a list on my iphone, photograph pieces i need to match ie the boots, any inspo shots i feel pertinent and then i have it to hand when in the shop.  This stops me impulse buying, allows me to be more focussed and i can actually see the piece i am working in as memory is not always 100% accurate.  And if you dont have a smartphone a note book and pics is the old fashioned way and it works still - this is the fun part, the planning, the dreaming, enjoy it girls - it only happens twice a year!  xx

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  1. That's a great tip! It's better than keeping a mental list in my head and getting totally distracted when I see something else. I love the second photo, I wonder if I could pull that off...

  2. I enjoyed reading this post!! Thank you honey for inspiring me to do some things!!


  3. OH my goodness! I sketched that Lanvin look a while back. I was completely in love with the hats et al. !

    You are so organised with your shopping. I'm so impressed! I always have a few pieces that I want to buy, but when I buy designer I tend to focus on pieces that will not be out of fashion in one month!


  4. Great tips!! No wonder you always look so amazing. Me? I just grab anything that's not covered in dog/cat fur and hope for the best! lol! All the best to you and Frank - from Jennifer, Blue, Pip, Max, Ben and Mango :o)

  5. I love " Who do you want to be?' Hmm, I don't know yet, I'm going to give this more thought. I love the Lanvin shoes and you will look amazing in that androgynous style.

  6. I've always thought that I'm a very organised person and I have a strategy for everything, shopping included, but you really impressed me! This post is great. I love the attention you put in analysing every part of the wardrobe and the next key pieces. I should start thinking about my FW clothes+accessories more carefully...

  7. Wonderful post and tips. I'm loving (and craving) burgundy so much and hope to find my perfect bag to add to my autumn wardrobe. Shoe-wise, I was also inspired by Lanvin collection, but the high-heel part of it and found a pair of ankle boots that look somewhat similar. :) The last thing would be a day dress. I wear them more than trousers and need something new and cozy/smart. :)
    Thank you so much for your comment about the interview - it really means a lot.

  8. I want to be me.. hahaha
    Those Lanvin shoes are incredible
    Lee x

  9. Andrea the list thing is actually something i picked up off my mum - just so much better with modern tech x

    Laughing Lee x

    Little Rus it was a pleasure - you did such a good job x

    Not just a pretty dress - glad to be of any assistance x

    Tabitha - that is my best bit - the dressing up element - who do i want to be - what do i want to play with this season - for me clothes are all about the fun and as i have said before "dressing up box" x

    Paola you are so right for the designer i go standout i adore or longevity - trends high street all the way x

    Thanks Jennifer - i think you do a lot better really!! x

  10. That sounds like a great plan. I love those Lanvin loafers, such a graceful shape!

  11. great trend!!! i love the dandy boyish looks.

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  12. Awesome plan! I definitely need to do this, along with a major closet cleaning.

  13. Great post and tips, Claire! I gave up buying impulsively long ago and always try to buy pieces that will last me for years, always keeping in mind the clothes I already have. I would love a pair of burgundy boots, it's such a rich and elegant colour. And I have a perfect grey coat to go with them. xoxo

  14. Those Lanvin loafers are perfect as they look so versatile and not too chunky.
    I actually "need" boots, lingerie and a new cashmere cardigan.
    September issues are so heavy!

  15. Everyone has been asking about the necklace! It's from Turkey by way of a small shop in Dallas, TX.

  16. It is lovely Lindsay and thanks for your earlier comment x

    Hostess - that is it - they have a feminine edge - i think i stopped needing a while back i am a tad ashamed to say!! x

    Thanks Topcoat x

    Ooh grey coat - burgundy boots - nice Ada x

    Miss Kwong it is all about the boys x

    Une Femme it is strange how a loafer can be so elegant - trust Alber x

  17. these are great inspiration pieces. me likey :-)

  18. oh my, you are so organised. it's like you're planning a military operation. I'm impressed!

  19. I know David - i do all the planning, dreaming and then do i stick to it ..... x

  20. You are soooo organized! This fall I think I'll indulge with the 70s style or boho chic las seen in the dsquared2 collection.

  21. wow ! top tips, love the loafers, i can't afford Lanvin, but maybe something like it. Love your tip posts!
    My Fashion Bug

  22. Love the Cagney Lacy style though not quite brave enough for the gathered skirt...

  23. Wow this is amazing. I look forward to seeing the new season you. Xxxx

  24. Hi Claire! This is such a great post and I agree with you about not following trends. Before, I used to buy every trendy piece without thinking about how it will look on my body and I learned very expensive now, I buy less but the pieces I buy stays in my closet for a long time. xoxoxxoo

  25. so lovely. i want it

  26. Oh, these are great tips. I will take your advices for sure.
    It was so great to find in your tips what I was already planing. So it means I'm on right track. Yayy!
    Thank You for that!

    xoxo Ra

  27. I love your process, Claire! I am so not as honed in as you, but knowing I have an entire collection (mine) sitting in the office, it tends to make me more conservative about what I'm going to buy. Right now I'm adding Missoni like a mad woman + a few McQueen pieces and I'll be done, except for the shoes--which never ends, ha!

    xo Mary Jo

  28. I am very intrigued by Zara pant and the rest of the outfit from the second picture. I should pick your mind about shopping strategy - not to buy again clothes that worked for this year - really cool idea!
    Ask Erena

  29. I am so impressed by your plan. It makes a lot of sense and I will look forward to seeing you model your purchases with existing wardrobe pieces.
    Helen xx

  30. Hi lovely, great post and tips!!
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    Besos, Marcela

  31. Hi pretty!
    I really love your blog and your amazing style!
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