Monday, 15 August 2011

Fashion and Franks Fave Fashionistas - Elena Perminova

The second of our fave fashionistas, Elena Perminova, wife to Russian oligarch, Alexander Lebedev, Mother, some time model, friend of Miroslava Duma - this lady knows her fashion and always with a twist.   Loved by the street style photographer and fashion followers alike she always manages to combine a simple (but always standout) silhouette with a killer accessory.  Unlike Giovanna last week who accessories to the nth, Elena tends to go with one strong piece and then highlights that with a single accessory, be it a hat, headpiece or shoe.  The secret to her success  - very strong almost architectural pieces highlighted, a killer smile, not to mention legs, the end result, inspirational and knockout - come fashion week i always look forward to Elena x

Monochromatic success and the killer accessory - that headband - strong yet simple

This one is as simple as the lipstick, the shoes, the outfit - tonal and then the lipstick

This Margiella piece is spectacular - it needed a simple background - perfect

Oh i loved this Viktor and Rolf dress so much and the strong monochromatic shoe and sunglass where the perfect accompaniment 

This could have been a rather boring outfit and then there were the boots - hello!

Love the silhouette on this one and the pop of red in the bag - perfect finishing touch

Tonal Autumn perfection, the chloe outfit finished with the hermes leather vest - stunning

A more recent and pregnant Elena at Couture week - love the tonal clash of patterns and then the fan - always a standout accessory to finish and seriously how to do pregnancy in unbelievable style - may dedicate a whole post to this fab fashionistas expectant style - amazing x

Images courtesy of All the Pretty Birds, Livin Cool, Mr Newton, Team Peter Stigter, Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist


  1. fantastic, I love it :)

    Klaudia B.

  2. Weep! Her legs, her height, I'm a pygmy next to her.

  3. Completely agree with you. I love how she wears strong pieces and my favourite look of your selection is in pic n. 6: great contrast of fabrics and shapes.

  4. The white dress is very pretty and so feminine.
    Have never heard of her before but I'm not a Fashionista;-)

  5. nice pictures! She had a really style! so trendy!

    kisses beautiful!

    Adrien Loren

  6. well she's flawless ... she looks so comfortable in couture, which is a challenge I must say.

  7. She seems to do every look flawlessly. She has amazing taste and an amazing wardrobe!

  8. Thank you very much for your very sweet message:) I love your sense of style, you are naturally chic and you "wear" your clothes, not the other way round:)

    She looks amazing, her wardrobe is every fashionista's dream!

    Stories and Sequins

  9. Thanks for following me! I really appreciate it ;)
    Love this post and her style, actually I did a post similar to your some weeks ago! she is fabulous :D

    Here is my post if you wanna check it

    The Golden Paillettes

  10. She looks amazing and I love the autumn look with that hermes leather vest!! Also I like the olive green jacket, and those boots of course really sealed the deal!

  11. wowo great blog, she is really beautiful
    and u!!

  12. I love her take on accessorising: a statement piece to tranfsorm her entire outfit. I absolutely love the Viktor and Rolf dress, the Chloe outfit and Hermes leather vest and that fabulous dress above worn with a chunky sweater, fantastic mix and match. Have a great week, Claire! xoxo

  13. Oh my.. that Margiella piece is divine!
    Lee x

  14. i know Tabitha - oh to be a leggy model type!! x

    Saw it MAria - thanks for letting me know - we certainly both admire this outstanding lady x

    thanks Ada, and you xx

    Lee wouldnt you just kill .. x

  15. i loveee you blog is very cutee¡¡¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)

  16. Never heard of her but that is not surprising as I don't read fashion magazines very often. Shame on me I know!!! But I love looking at Fashion and Frank which keeps me up to date!!! I can understand your interest in this fantastic Russian. What style, what a body and what a wardrobe! Luv, M xx

  17. I love Elena! Her and I have a very similar fashion method. I, too, love to just highlight one piece and keep everything else fairly simple.

  18. You've definitely chosen some very inspiring fashionistas! Love all of them!

  19. She has such amazing style! I absolutely love her electric blue outfit- pulls it off to perfection!


    ps I'm in between black and brown for the Celine... but I think it will be black to match my outfits better

  20. wow she definitely has a great sense of style!!! and those legs!!! i can´t describe how much i envy her ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  21. Mary lou - you and me both!! God given - no matter what you do - you have to be born with them! x

    Paola - it is the bag to have - so so very useful - i would not normally ordane such an expensive bag but that one is one of the few i have that really is worth every penny x

    Hearing you Linds and Ellie x

    Thanks Mum - even if you are a bit bias!! x

  22. I'm in love with white shirt and white fur! She looks frekin' fantastic!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  23. I totally agree with you on this, dear! she's absolutely stunning! Love your Blog!

    A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  24. I'm with you--she's got fantastic style, and I like the simplicity yet great daring. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  25. Nice photos. I really like the contrast of the outfit in the first photo.

  26. Loving the white fur!
    Great post!


  27. Perfection! I can't even choose my favourite look here... And those legs... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous legs... x

  28. this is what you get when there's a combination of a bottomless pit of money with great style.

  29. Smiling David and yes it is!! x

    Little Rus - those legs .......... x

    You too Mary Jo x

  30. That's really impressive! i love it.


  31. Amazing looks!! I like your post!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  32. wow this is such an amazing post, i love all the images you chose! she is one beautiful woman! she has the perfect body! and although i wouldn't wear any of the stuff she's wearing, i still think she's gorgeous!

    jos xx

  33. Last one is quite nice. Rather playful.

  34. Love all these images! That white fur jacket is amazing!


  35. Nice seleccion! some of this looks are awesome, thanks for sharing.

  36. Cool looks!

  37. LOVE LOVE LOVE that little white dress!!!

  38. i am so happy to see fashionable russian ladies! most of the time i don't like their style that much! too much and too much overload! i have seen these ladies several times! and they are becoming a true inspiration to the world! PS i think an oligarch as a husband makes it a little bit easier to access smashing pieces

  39. The Viktor and Rolf olive green number--oh my!! I need to find that for myself pronto.....LOVE it!
    Dressology HQ

  40. I got to photograph her in the Victor and Rolf shirt dress too. Money with taste a great combination. The girl has a great eye. She has turned herself right around from her humble beginnings. It is good to see her enjoy herself. Xxxx

  41. love all the looks, she's such a style icon.. the one on the first photo is my fave... cool post, take care!


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