Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Chloe SS 2012

I have to confess i was disappointed when i heard Hannah McGibbon had left Chloe especially after the fall collection that was my favourite Chloe collection for quite some time.  I did wonder what Claire Wright  Keller would bring to the brand, although she had done a fabulous job at Pringle it was never a collection i bought into.  Well today she answered that question.  There were pieces i liked and there were pieces i loved, loved enough to buy and i guess thats the name of the game xx

And the next four were those that i loved, absolutely loved

Nudes are certainly still alive and well at Chloe, and you know what they look fresh to me

Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 


  1. wonderful execution with this collection.

  2. What a gorgeous collection!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so in love... Would be a dream to have some of the pieces to wear, especially Look 3 and the shoes (God knows I can run in Chloe shoes, so comfortable... :) )
    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. nice collection!!like it!
    kisses pretty=)


  4. I liked the collection, but I did not adore it. (Adored would be more like Lanvin or Balenciaga). But I do think that it was her first collection and perhaps next season she will let go a bit more (is there such thing as being designer shy?!)

  5. It is interesting that you should say this Paola - it is a very safe move and yes i did like it prob because i like the Chloe ethos and it is very Chloe - but it is safe and that makes pieces very wearable and somewhat purchaseable - but it is definitely designer shy - good way of putting it and no nobody can put out a collection like Alber! xx

    It was so well executed David x

    Yes look 3 is a very goodie Natalia great day to you too xx

    Fashion Art really glad you like it xx

  6. oh i loved it... especially that floral shirt, to me she's doing a good job!
    My Fashion Bug

  7. I could totally see you in that floral blouse. So very Claire!

  8. Ohh this clolor are great;p And pictures of course too;p


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