Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Clutch Bags - the Options !

I loove a clutch bag but are they the easiest - i mean how to hold - when to wear - oooh the decisions!

The its so precious clutching it to my breast Clutch
( Balenciaga)

The is it a clutch but i am holding it as such Clutch
(Louis Vuitton)

The I have a handle so I am an easy clutch Clutch

How do you wear your clutch?? and do you wear it in the day ?? x

Images Vogue.com


  1. I just love the beauty of the last shot. makes you want to whip out the plastic and go deeper into debt...

  2. Sooo true - Prada is killing it for winter x

  3. Claire, I absolutely love clutches, they're my favourite type of bag, although not always the most comfortable one. And yes, I especially love wearing them during the day, with ballet flats: the mix and match, which is always so chic. Some have a handle attached, which makes it much easier to wear. Gorgeous picks you have here. :)

  4. Ada i love them too - and am determined to include them in my daywear more!! x

  5. i am still looking for the perfect clutch! didn't find it yet

  6. I love your captions for each clutch, LOL! I love fabulous clutches but hardly wear any, though they are useful when you need something smaller than normal to carry. Like some folks, I use my Louis Vuitton (durable canvas) and Bottega Veneta (because of the pretty pattern) make up bags as clutches sometimes. But it's being hands-free that I like most. xx from Soleil


  7. Mrs K - i am looking for the perfect many things - jeans (although i may have them in my wide leg chloes) - easy to walk in with height shoes (again may have them in my celine wedges) but the perfect clutch - elusive!! Perfect shoulder bag - easy - my celine!! x

  8. Hey Soleil - yes trying the old wit out on the post!! It is the old hands free thing for me too which is why i struggle for day - evening just put it on the table - but day - i shop i walk i do and i need the old hands - i mean lots of shopping bags - wheres the bloody clutch going to go!! xx

  9. Oh I love the Vuitton clutch! I really like this kind of bags, I use them all day long <3


  10. This was too cute! I'd say I hold mine like the second photo! Although I looove that Prada clutch! :)

    sorelle in style

  11. thanks Belinda, Sorelle i love that prada clutch too! x

  12. Hola Claire... ok so most of the time i don't wear a clutch during the day, the are a bit uncomfortable, the ones I like are the ones that have a handle, like the prada...but sometimes i wear them during day, because i think it gives a edge to the outfit, also somtimes I use a bag as a clutch!

    have a nice day!
    My Fashion Bug

  13. I have an oversized clutch that I designed and last year wore it as my day bag--never thought I'd see the day, but a roomy clutch with enough pockets works and is so much kinder to your back. I love all your picks!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Love it MAriale - great comment! x

    Would love to see that clutch Mary Jo x

  15. Love the clutches :) xxx

  16. Love those clutches, these days I am loving clutches, the Prada is beautifull


  17. Nice photos!

    I follow you back if you followed me :)

  18. I can't! I carry half of my house on my bag! :-(
    A clutch is out of question for me... Though I do think it's the epitome of the chic!!!

  19. I'm a "tucker" with a clutch....and absolutely during the day! Lovely photos. My fave is the last one.
    Sada (aka: new stalker! following here & twitter)

  20. cool bags here:



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